Ameyo OmniQueue

Universal Queue for Contact Centers

Unified Platform for Omnichannel Communications

What Is Omniqueue?

Ameyo OmniQueue - Universal Queue, is a unified omnichannel platform for handling, reporting, routing, recording, monitoring, and management of customer interactions from multiple communication channels (Voice, Chat, Email, Web, SMS and Social Media) in the organization. The Universal Queue allows an agent to handle calls, reply to chat messages, send emails and manage social media interactions from a single unified interface, eliminating the hassles of switching systems. Ameyo OmniQueue allows you to deploy state-of-the-art customer service platform managing every customer interaction in a consistent manner.

Key features

Unified interface

Activity history

Real-time graphical representations

Voice logs with configurable interaction dashboards

Advanced trigger-based notification,

Time-based auto responses,

Customer-based SLA definition,

Sentiment analysis and Customer parameter based merging logics.

Interaction Management

  • Allows agent to merge customer interactions based on predefined merging logics

  • Displays customer interaction history on the receival of a new interaction instantaneously

  • Implement intelligent routing mechanism to direct customer interactions from configured media sources to relevant agents


  • Empower agents with complete history of customer interactions to provide personalized customer service

  • Equip agents the option of responding to customer interactions through canned responses

  • Enables easy transfer of customer calls with the simultaneous transmission of customer context

and Analytics

  • Provides a comprehensive customer interaction history across communication channels - allowing organization to leverage the channels that are increasingly becoming customer preference

  • Generates real-time operational statistics of multiple campaigns, interaction attributes, etc.

  • Furnishes real-time graphical representation of interaction status and priority

Ameyo OmniQueue enables end-to-end lifecycle management of customer conversations across multiple channels, allowing organizations to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

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