Ameyo CRM Lite

Create Long-lasting Relationships with your Customers

Ameyo CRM lite

Business firms of all sizes have well beyond realized the importance of nurturing long-lasting relationships with their customers. And by far, many have invested on CRM solutions that help them in address customer lifecycle management and provides functionality to enterprises in sales, marketing and customer service through collaborative, operational and analytical components. 

Ameyo’s CRM Lite facilitates anticipation and responsiveness of the customer requirements accurately. It provides unparalleled features for data collection and communication interactions. Ameyo CRM simplifies agent-customer interaction and helps businesses increase productivity through increased cross-selling, service customization and customer retention.


Lead Management

Ameyo CRM Lite is designed to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Equipped with functionalities like Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Augmentation, Lead Aggregation, and Integration with 3rd-party applications Ameyo CRM Lite facilitates business profitability through consistent acquisition of new customers.




Ameyo Scripter

Ameyo Scripter creates a compilation of customer context for display at agent screen enabling agents to quickly resolve customer issues and concerns. Ameyo scripter can be integrated with CRM lite or third-party CRM software seamlessly. Ameyo scripter is armed with call script widget that helps businesses achieve results and ensure your contacts gets a positive experience.