Ameyo Intelligent Routing

Deliver Exemplary Customer Experience while Driving Operational Efficiency with Ameyo Intelligent Routing

Ameyo Intelligent Routing

Different customers are assigned different levels of priority based on size, behaviour, business potential, etc. Prioritizing each segment of customer is paramount to business because it highly correlates with future business, customer retention, and brand loyalty. Businesses desire to treat every customer with the highest quality of service, but that is simply not scalable or economically feasible in the real world.

Ameyo offers intelligent routing capability that provides businesses the opportunity to make smarter decisions regarding which customers should be directed to what available resource to drive the best value from each interaction.

Ameyo Intelligent Routing allows businesses to drive customer experience and operational efficiency by assigning each customer to the most skilled and available agent best suited for the interaction.



VQ Pass

VQ Pass or Virtual Queuing is an Ameyo advanced queue management solution to help enterprises refrain from losing vital customers and leads to call abandonments caused by long waiting time. This feature provides contact centers the opportunity to reduce abandoned calls due to increased wait times during peak calling hours.


Automatic Call Distributor is used route incoming calls. Ameyo’s ACD ensures uniform call distribution across available agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations. It comes packed with a powerful routine engine that distributes call based on pre-defined rules including skill-based call routing, FIFO and priority. In addition, it comes pre-integrated with an IVR that provides for options of self-service and also to reach the specified department directly.

Personal Agent Routing

Personal Agent Routing extends on ACD and IVR capabilities by defining inbound and outbound contact strategies to route each customer interaction over any channel to the most qualified agent available ultimately establishing consistency across all channels.