AI Voicebot


Conversational bot for your business communications.

Assist virtually, Serve completely

Interactive voice based conversational interface that uses machine learning, natural language processing and AI based customer service to seamlessly perform two way interactions with users at scale and simultaneously provides a personalized interaction experience.

Optimized human interactions

Self Serve customer queries or gather initial information for case identification & routing with minimal human intervention

Seamless deep CRM integrations

Automate end to end support & service workflows using deep integration of Ameyo voicebot solutions

Contextual process intelligence

Craft personalized, proactive & intuitive conversations with customers with a robust and secure cloud communication platform

Interested in exploring Ameyo Voicebot solution?

Automate answers to routine customer inquiries

  • Release your agents from choked bandwidth on routine queries
  • Automate repetitive first level queries
  • Self Service queries as booking and change requests, amendments can be easily handled with virtual assistants.

Rally first contact resolution rates at lower cost

  • Witness high FCR as 80% of customer Service queries are repetitive
  • Have virtual agent pick and choose answers from knowledge base for first level queries
  • Major reduction in agent call and email volumes results in huge cost savings

Increase your customer Service ROI today

No more customer waiting for agents

  • Streamline your customer conversations without waiting on an IVR
  • Connect customers directly to a virtual agent and handover to agents when queries get complex
  • Increase customer satisfaction manifolds by serving in real time

Route cases to agents without front office agent interactions

  • Gather case information with virtual assistant
  • Route to the right ticketing queue and agent in real time
  • Bring down average ticket turnaround time with one stroke


English, Hindi and Vernacular languages

Only one intent can be handled by the Bot in a single interaction

Automatic Speech Recognition – Processing Customer Speech to Bot.
Text To Speech Engine – Processing BOT responses into speech.

Yes, We can enable you to setup the infrastructure, but BOT training has to be taken care of by the client.

Ameyo will enable the setup in production environment with 5 intents, rest has to be trained by the client. Necessary consultation shall be provided while deploying the first 5 intents.

Yes, we do have a scope to facilitate a POC.

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