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30 Significant Contact Center and Customer Service Statistics


Contact Center industry is evolving every year with rapid changes in customer expectations, technological advancements, processes and intensity of competition. It is crucial to be proactive and well-prepared to sustain in this somewhat unpredictable industry.

Below I have compiled a list of Contact Center Statistics and Customer Service Statistics which would enable decision makers in shaping the future of their contact centers based on the facts, thereby making it easier to not just compete but dominate as a player.

Customer Service and Customer Experience Statistics

Customer service and customer experience is defining the reputation and bottom lines of brands. Its importance can’t be discounted as the customer expectations are higher and word of mouth has got a huge role to play. Take a look at these customer experience statistics in order to improve your business processes:

Gamification Statistics

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization than the disengaged. And in order to ensure that your employees (call centre agents) are engaged and satisfied and attrition is on the lower side, gamification could be one of the top contact center solutions you all have been waiting for.

Take a glance at the 5 compelling statistics on the use of gamification

Texting via SMS as a Communication Channel Statistics

Texting vis SMS is emerging as customer service channel and is turning out to be more important than previously thought.

Multi-Channel Communication Statistics

Although customers want multiple options when it comes to communicating with an organization, voice still remains the most critical and predominant channel. Read the other facts here:

Social Media and Online Space as a Communication Channel Statistics

While social media may not be a popular choice yet when it comes to customer service, but it can have a big impact on how customers perceive your brand.

Other Contact Center / Customer Service Statistics

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