Four Key Features That Your Customer Support Software Must Have in 2020

Must Have Features of Customer Support Software in 2020
Businesses use customer support software to align with their customer queries and respond to them as quickly as possible. A swift and precise query resolution not only helps you build trust with your customer but also helps you improve your brand reputation and increase the productivity of your agents while minimizing the overall operational cost. 

To ensure that you are on the right track, you must choose the right customer support software with advanced features to stay a step ahead of the competition. And for this, delivering simplified customer journeys and one-click access to functionalities that minimize manual overheads should be important.

Let’s have a quick glance at key features that you definitely can’t afford to ignore!

Auto Cleanup of Bulk Voicelogs - For Call Recording Logs

Businesses are required to maintain voice logs to comply with their industry terms and policies. In order to maintain enough disk space in their servers, they need to clean up the voice logs that are no longer required. For instance, insurance companies keep voice logs of all their customers until the policy expires. These logs don’t need to be stored after the policy ends. Cleaning up logs manually takes a lot of time and effort. To help businesses overcome this problem, customer support software now should have ‘Auto Cleanup of Bulk Voicelogs’ feature that allows automatic clean up of voice logs after a defined timeline.

Save Your Agents’ Call handling Time with IVR Inputs- For Inbound Call Centers

This small yet very important feature enables your agents to view the IVR journey of your customers. This will help your agents to have a better understanding of customer queries and issues. Seeing the IVR journey of the customer, an agent will be able to serve him better while dramatically reducing Call Handling Time. For example, consider a scenario where I want to raise a complaint about a specific issue that I faced while using my net banking. I tried calling the customer care number of the bank and entered the relevant IVR inputs. Before the system connects me to the right agent, the agent will be able to view my IVR inputs on his screen and would be pre-informed about my query. This will save his time understanding my issue on call. This feature is really useful as it improves agents’ efficiency.

Know Exact Count of Dialable Numbers - For Outbound Call Centers

Know Exact Count of Dialable Numbers - For Outbound Call Centers

Businesses often segment their customers based on different criteria and reasons to offer them specific discounts and to experiment different marketing and sales strategies. With this new feature, customer support software will enable businesses to know the exact count of dialable numbers in each of these segments to provide better insights on outbound calling strategies. Consider an example where an insurance company wants to offer a policy to all the customers with their salary greater than 50K and age between 30 and 35 yrs. The company can create filters for both the conditions under a filter group and get to see the total number of dialable contacts out of all leads, based on these filters. This will allow the company to have a clear picture of exact numbers that can be dialed based on these conditions. 

Prioritize Filter Based Dialing- For Outbound Call Centers

Prioritize Filter Based Dialing- For Outbound Call Centers

As businesses segment customers based on several conditions, there might be scenarios where dialing priorities must be set in order to approach high conversion probability customers first. To understand this better, suppose there is a segment of customers whose age is between 20-30 years while their Average Quarterly Balance is between 30k to 80k and is working in an IT firm in a metro city. For the same segment, a business may want to pitch in a credit card for buying smartphones to those first whose AQB is 30k to 50k in ascending order, whereas, for Car Loans, the business may want to pitch in those first whose AQB is 50k to 80k in descending order. In such scenarios, this feature will prove out to be very effective in prioritizing calls based on filters and bring in an improved conversion rate. 

The features discussed above are highly effective in streamlining your inbound as well as outbound call center operations. When your call center software is backed-up with these new-age features, you can surely experience an improved conversion rate as well as an abrupt improvement in agent productivity rate. So make sure, your call center software is fully loaded with such powerful features to get you a distinctive jump in the market competition while ensuring an improved RoI.