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5 Key Advantages of Auto Dialer Software for Call Center

Auto Dialer Software

Outbound call centers have multiple campaigns for several processes like cold calling for lead generation, following up and nurturing inbound leads, market research and surveys, etc. and mere manual dialing will not help in achieving the competitive targets. Agents using manual dialing usually end up having approximately 10-15 minutes talk time per hour as their major time is wasted in repetitive unproductive tasks like manually dialing the contact numbers and disposing off calls, facing busy tones, answering machines, and disconnected calls. An auto dialer software is operationally and commercially viable for a call center as it boosts the agent productivity by 200-300% by reducing idle time and proportionately increasing the talk time per hour.

Different types of autodialers are available to suit the various outbound dialing processes and bring their individual benefits to call center operations. For instance predictive dialer helps a call center to reduce agent idle time to a great extent and similarly progressive dialer can help increasing agent talk time thereby improving agent productivity manifolds. On the other hand a preview dialer enables a call center to improve conversion rate for its complex inside sales process.

Let’s have a quick look at the Major benefits of an auto dialer over manual dialing:

Improved Operational Efficiency 

Auto dialing system implementation means No More Manual Dialing. Automated dialer software system eliminates the various call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops, affecting the operational efficiency. Automating the dialing process ensures only connected calls are routed to the agents, as auto dialers can detect the busy signals, voicemails and non-serviceable numbers, thereby increasing the call connect ratio remarkably. More connected calls results in higher agent productivity and improved operational efficiency.

Reduced Idle Time

Manual dialing leads to high agent idle time as agents have to wait until a call is connected. For every call, an agent wastes time in listening busy tones, answering machines and facing disconnected calls. The auto dialer technology enables the dialer system to recognize these elements and skip the call if any of these time wasting signals are identified. Auto dialers like predictive dialer is really effective in minimizing idle time as it ensures only answered call are routed to the agents. This helps to save the agent time and allows them to attend more calls per hour.

Increased Agent Talk Time 

One of the most important advantages of an auto dialer software is the significant increase in agent talk time as compared to a manual dialing scenario. With minimized idle time time and improved call connect ratio, agents spend more time talking to the prospects and customers on call. Agent talk time will increase variably  from around 15-20 minutes per hour to 40-50 minutes per hour. Progressive dialer is the dialer software that increases the agent talk time immensely leading to better customer engagement and high agent morale and productivity.

Better Lead Conversion Ratio

When an intelligent auto dialer solution is implemented for complex inside sales process involving high value leads, it brings agility to the outbound calling process. Auto dialers like preview dialer that provide the quick snapshot of customer’s contact details before dialing the call, helps agent to prepare before a call is connected. And with prior information at the agent’s disposal, he/she can drive personalized conversation, which helps to engage the prospect and increases the chances of lead conversion significantly.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Auto dialer software provides insights into call center operations and agent activities through customizable reports and dashboards. Real time dashboards improves call center manager’s decision making ability and helps agents to take quick actions to improve by identifying the problems in real time. Auto dialer softwares also give quick access to call recordings that help managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure call quality levels. Key call center metrics can be easily tracked  and measured at specific intervals to achieve higher operational efficiency.

After considering the major benefits of a outbound dialer software you can’t afford to ignore the need for a call center dialer. But one thing needs to be ensured that every call center has different needs and hence require a specific type of auto dialer, so before investing in an auto dialer solution, you should know how to choose the right call center dialer for your business.

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