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5 Must-Have Features for Banks to Achieve Great Customer Service

Banks should ensure their agents are effective in giving expert advise and great service to all its customers.

Since their inception, banks have served customers in various ways. However, the most important feature of any bank is the personalized interactions and communications with the customer. It is the bank’s job to gauge the customer’s need and ensure that their money and trust is well protected and grows over the years.

Keeping the service aspect in mind, banks have to ensure that not just their customer-facing executives in the bank branches but ALL their agents serve the customer efficiently. The agents have to be experts in banking nitty-gritty and understand all customer queries. Contact centers, thus, are very important for banks all over the globe. With global travel and customers always on the move, they need to interact with efficient agents and come to productive conclusion at each interaction. An organized system of operation which automates the minor functions, prioritizes customer queries intelligently, and is quick to serve is needed in all banks.

To help banks improve their customer service and gain the customers’ trust, here is a list of 5 must-have features for contact centers of all banks:

  1. An IVR that is truly an IVR: Populating IVR with redundant options is futile. Minimize selection options and make sure the flow of options is uncomplicated. Remember, customer attention wanes the longer they are made to wait and listen to recorded messages.

  2. An effective CRM/CTI: As soon as a customer calls, it is vital for the agent to view the customer’s interaction history and such useful information. That way, during the call, agents can enhance the customer experience by analyzing their banking history and offering related advice. Avoid making them wait for a long time or repeating their issue all over when transferred to a second agent with CRM Integration.

  3. Requisite security: Protect the customer’s data at all costs. Customers trust banks with their money, and banks are obliged to take care of it. Set up stringent security measures and have systems which prevent hacking, fraud, or theft of any kind.

  4. Customer service agents who care: At times your agents may feel disengaged. Ensure that agent retention and engagement activities prevent attrition. Provide trainings and coaching so that agents feel engaged and serve customers with a smile.

  5. Know your customer: Be aware of the customer’s preferences and needs. Make sure that calls, messages, and e-mails sent out to customers are customized to their need. Bombarding customers with offers they do not need may frustrate them. Unorganized telesales campaigns are a futile expenditure which can be avoided with an efficient call center software.

Banks should focus on the keywords security, reliability, and service. These pave the way for great customer service and their trust in the bank determines any bank’s future. 

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