SolexPLUS Partners with Ameyo to Deliver Omnichannel Support across Saudi Arabia


Ameyo, a profound Contact Center Technology Leader is excited to announce its partnership with SolexPLUS, one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based out of Saudi Arabia, to deliver an Omnichannel Customer Service & Support across all its Customers.

Ameyo and SolexPLUS together aim to provide consistent customer service across multiple channels like Live Chat, WhatsApp, Email, and Social Media. As SolexPLUS thrives to improve customer satisfaction and deliver on its customer’s expectations in Saudi Arabia, they have deployed Ameyo’s Fusion CX to deliver omnichannel customer service & support to its customers across voice, email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Webchat, etc.

Together, Ameyo and SolexPLUS create a customer-centric environment where each customer interaction is managed with proficiency. Ameyo’s Fusion CX supports SolexPLUS to do email ticketing and handle omnichannel conversations on a single platform.

How SolexPLUS provides services with Ameyo?

Omnichannel Interactions: A customer can choose to reach out to businesses via multiple channels. Agents are notified of every interaction and the platform can also be extended to handle ticketing use cases.​

Increased Agent Productivity: Agents do not have to toggle between multiple tabs. They can access conversation history in one interface and work for faster resolution while ensuring personalized customer service.

No Missed Tickets: Ticket management becomes easy when you can auto-assign tickets to your agents based on pre-configured parameters like Heat Map Index, Sentiment Analysis, Event & Time-based triggers, and SLA breach.

Self Service: Customers are seeking for the prompt response and with Self-Service IVR, Chatbot, and Customer Portal, customers can resolve their query, thus First Call Resolution and CSAT increases significantly.

Data-Driven Insights: With Ameyo’s Bird’s Eye View App, managers get a hold on the campaign data in a quick glance. Periodic reports scheduler helps supervisors get the holistic view into each campaign and they can analyze each agents’ performance individually.

SolexPLUS recently deployed Fusion CX with the largest ever tourism project in Saudi Arabia, providing omnichannel customer service on Voice, Email, Whatsapp and Chat with Email Based Ticketing. SolexPLUS is looking to extend the customer service technology stack to its other customers across all verticals and other Outsourcing offshoring projects.

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