Ameyo powers Secure Meters to reinforce customers’ perception about service quality with top-of-the-line Contact center Technology

Gurgaon, March 25, 2015: Contact center technology and services provider, Ameyo ( is pleased to announce that Secure Meters Ltd., a leading provider of energy solutions in India, with presence in over 50 countries that offers smart metering applications and energy management solutions has successfully deployed Ameyo as their Customer Interaction Management platform to provide unmatched customer service.

On account of the pace with which Ameyo was able to offer the right solutions to Secure Meters that enabled them to clearly differentiate Ameyo from other players. This made Ameyo the appropriate solution to power Secure Meters customer service front.

The primary solution offered by Ameyo was Pattern-based routing that enabled Secure Meters to route specific customer calls to targeted departments based on call patterns and history. This allowed the customers to directly reach a specific department of interest with minimal call holding duration and call transfers.

With less than three months of implementation, Ameyo has managed to help the organization to optimize the performance of the technical support team for its Indian customers. Secure Meters is now able to judge the productivity and in parallel has enabled them to have bandwidth available for other projects in the pipeline.

“Though early days for us in using Ameyo services, we are impressed with the ease of usage, effective reporting, pacey support, and its scalability. They have managed to understand our business and have made sure through their continuous efforts that they integrate their system with what we have in offer for them. I can only see the services graph grow up from here on for both the national and International setups.”  says Secure Meters Ltd.

With Ameyo, Secure Meters wishes to align solution and product improvements with business objectives and customer requirements by addressing customer complaints in a timely manner; minimizing the time taken to resolve them, and expediting response time by minimizing the time taken between receiving a request for information and delivering accurate information to the customer.

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