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Anti Outsourcing Sentiment


The term Anti-Outsourcing means opposed to or wanting to prevent work from being done more cheaply by a different company, for example in another country. It is nothing but Anti-Economic globalization. Globalization cannot be a one way process wherein a country gets an access to all the markets of the world. It has to be a give and take scenario. A failure in this might lead the globalization to collapse.
If we have to speak about Outsourcing, then it is something that not only earns the benefits of cost optimization to companies but also promulgates different economies of the world to collaborate. For a globalization to achieve it’s breakthroughs, this collaboration is essential.
Economic globalization is considered to be the greatest integration of national economies. In order to procure economic globalization, reduction in trade barriers should be sought. Therefore, for economic globalization to survive, economic integration should not be from just one direction.
The term ‘Outsourcing’ seldom earns a greeting. It is considered as an unfaithful practice, wherein the economic implication is nothing more than to cause job loss. It is treated as a scourge and not a business enhancement process. outsourcing has long been pitched as a measure to improve “efficiency” in a business by transferring labour-intensive operations to countries where labour costs are lower. Therefore, it must be understood that an anti outsourcing sentiment means anti economic globalization. For a lay man, outsourcing would mean selling of particular products and chasing customers with outstanding credit card payments. However, Outsourcing has accelerated the process of globalisation of productive forces. It is done to improve their revenues and cut the overall cost of operations.
US President, Barack Obama has chosen anti-outsourcing sentiment as a source to entice and draw public opinion in his favour. In an address to a joint sitting of Congress last week, Obama tried to persuade the American voters with his favourite whipping boy – Outsourcing. He lucidly targeted American companies, cautioning them that they could bid goodbye to tax breaks if they continued to ship jobs overseas. The President promises the Americans greater tax sops provided they enhanced more jobs within the country instead of conferring them to low-cost outsourcing destinations like India and China.
Outsourcing has accelerated the process of globalisation and productive forces. Indeed, the off-shoring issue has matured for debate. The stabbing of outsourcing is neither a new phenomenon nor one restricted within US’ threshold. It implies to all venerable states which stand at the crossroads in the wake of the crises which drove companies into extreme cost-cutting initiatives.
Hence, if the anti outsourcing bill happens to be passed, it would be nothing but a factor causing indignation and unrest amongst the working mob. The US based firms, that offshore call centres will be penalised and debarred from federal grants and loans. Nonetheless, for all the accusations borne by the nationalists against outsourcing, productive forces are not finding enough reasons to jettison them. Hence, we may clearly deduce that the concept of anti outsourcing cannot offer any respite to mankind.


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