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Ameyo Callversations

My journey into the world of call center technology

Every job is special to every one for various reasons. In a way, DRISHTI is very special to me as it is my first job. Once I completed my MBA degree it was Drishti who took me aboard. It has been 6 months of association with Drishti and the experience gathered is the start of a very steep learning curve. In every aspect including like customer relations management, Industry knowledge, people management etc., Drishti has given me the training which would shape my career very well.

The future is tight. The future is IP

Over the years we have been hearing about the demise of IP as open source takes ground and entrenches itself deeper into the global business psyche. For people like me it's more of a rudimentary myth that shall duly die down as businesses line up to reach out more vigorously to its customers.

IT Vendor Vs CIOs

A few days back, I was at a CIO conference organized by one of the biggest IT vendors here in Vietnam which focused on Technology Innovation, amongst other things. A gathering of about 50 CIOs was invited to explore the adoption of new software-based technology, its associated merits, challenges, and opportunities. It was an opportunity to engage, that once again failed to engage the IT leaders.