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Ameyo Callversations

Internship, ownership and mentorship – my 2 months @Drishti

While planning my sixth sem summer internship, I was wondering what company I would eventually join for the training. From the list of companies offering summer internship programs, I had created my own list and submitted my CV. I came to kno

w that I had been shortlisted for a telephonic interview with Drishti-Soft Solutions.

After the grilling telephonic rounds, I had almost lost the hope of being selected. But to my surprise I was called in for the internship program at Drishti.

Following the age old myth, even I had imagined a slogging environment where office hours extend to over 16 per day and hardly any ‘life’. And considering my struggle through the interview process I would not be considered wrong in expecting the same in Drishti.

Now as the most brilliant minds research on a problem, even I did my share by simply taking the advice of my seniors ;-). They said – “Without thinking twice, join Drishti.” I thought – “Okay! What is it about Drishti that makes them say so?” But anyways, rather than continuing my confused state, I decided to go ahead and finally let Drishti be my mentor!!

Now if I go into a quick flashback, I come to the start of my NIT days. I had a vision or let’s say a dream of becoming a successful developer. Fast-paced technology environment was my idea of exciting work opportunity. But was this new company going to give me this?

Well, yes it did!

Drishti was everything opposite to the myths of IT companies- a cool work environment, extensive learning and the very latest technology concepts to work on. I was very happy when I was allotted a live project to work upon using JAVA frameworks. I had never worked upon these technologies in my college so the task was really challenging and as usual I was very excited to learn.

Even after being a fresher to the domain, the team never let me feel alien to it. In fact the particular incident which I would term as ultimate grooming for any intern would be when I was allotted a project to work on. Now I was required to explore different possible approaches to the problem and deliver a solution. I said – “How would I be able to do it?” And the answer was – “That’s for you to find. You have to submit it by the end of this week.” I thought without any experience and training I would not make it.

But how wrong was I? To my surprise, I did find my way, made my own share of mistakes and learnt many new things. I had only read about Enterprise JAVA as a concept and never actually worked on it and here I did my project on this! And then I came to know that all along, my project manager was watching over each step I took. Now this is what I would call mentorship! Rather than spoon-feeding me he prompted me to find the bug and kill it!!

The teaching and assistance of everyone would be missed by me as I go back. Â

The other memories I collected include – Friday parties. Actually now I think, these were just a reason to celebrate and unwind and also our RnD team was always the first one to gather in the cafeteria for the party ;-). Then I had a wonderful time on the Rishikesh Trip. Celebrating completion of a project, we all went for a rafting trip to Shivpuri and “had the time of our lives”! The enjoyments continued with Drishti Annual Meet where being a part of Team ’B’, we played together, fought for victory and exhausted our energies in whistles and hootings! Wow! What a place to be….

Completing my internship, now I can say that I made the right decision of coming to Drishti. It gave me the perfect base of understanding technology the way we could never understand as mere students. Drishti introduced me to thinking about applications not just as a developer but as a user. Â It also gave me an example I would give to my juniors for a place where you balance work and play!

Besides all the learnings, I know that I’m am more confident and adept

And in the end, I would like to thank the complete Drishti team for making my internship a great success and an ‘AWESOME’ experience.

An Evening in Singapore

It’s a beautiful evening in one of the most fabulous and extravagant hotels of SINGAPORE “Raffles”. Seating on table no. 15, I was praying all the while with my fingers crossed “Please GOD this award has to be for us”. “BEST VENDOR CATEGORY @ 1st As

ia Communication Awards”.

This all began around 2 months back, when I joined Drishti-Soft Solutions as Business Manager APAC. I was responsible for establishing Business as well as good brand name for Drishti. And then our marketing team comes up with this info on “1st Asia Communications Awards” happening in Singapore and our whole team was like “Yes” it’s a good platform to show the world that “Drishti” has arrived with the bang.

Our marketing team worked hard on filing a promising nomination and finally we were there “Finalist in Best Vendor Category Award” competing with some of the Industry leaders. We were bit skeptical about winning this award considering the competition, but as they always unless you compete you won’t win. So we were on with it and I got this honor of representing Drishti at the Gala Dinner Award Night @ Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

22nd of June 2011, it is here. I dressed up myself in my best Black pin-striped suite all set reach there. Ah!!! What a fabulous setting for the evening. I registered myself and got to table no. 15 and the feeling was simply superb sharing this stage with all the Telco giants and ISV’s. Joined by representatives from big Telco companies of Sri Lanka and Qatar our table was all set.


It all started with the Dinner, a classy one with welcome drink (Wine) and 3 course meal ( I must say food was terrible, I had to eat MC D’s burger later that night to curb my hunger). So, here the award ceremony begins. Everyone glued to the stage with their finger crossed hoping to bag one. Few guys got lucky this time and went with 3 awards and I was like next will be me on that stage with the beautiful trophy. Then the Voice Echoed

“This Award is for the Best Vendor Category – and the nominations are Drishti & Huawei. And I was all tensed and nervous looking at the stage “plz plz say Drishti” but then my hopes came crashing down “It was Huawei” and I was like “Damn!!”

We had come so close. Everyone consoled me with – “Better luck next time and all...”And I was carrying that fake smile, and then I talked to myself “DUDE! It took Huawei more than 2 decades of hard work to get this award.” Directly competing with them in itself is a big honor and recognition for Drishti!! And these awards are not going to define our success, But still next time I will be on that stage posing with that beautiful trophy.

This Experience is one of the most memorable one, to carry the baton of Drishti’s Success among the TOP Telco’s and ISV’s was simple priceless.

And our message is clear “We have arrived & we’re gonna Rock for sure” See you next time.


Puneet Sharma aka KC