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ICT adoption in the Education Sector

Education Sector

Education industry is one the fastest developing sectors in the world and Indian education sector happens to be the most lucrative of the lot. There has been a tremendous revolution in ways of disseminating knowledge and information within educational institutions. More and more academic institutes are opening doors to welcome the advancement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Recognizing the advantages that ICT can bring in, there has been a rising demand and desire to adopt latest ICT tools to impart education through a novel and innovative approach.Coming to the interactions taking place within the educational sector, communications technology can do wonders in facilitating better connectivity amongst all stakeholders involved such as students, faculty, management, parents and other peer institutions and relevant organizations. Automation of the entire cycle of interactions can make it more manageable and orderly. A centralized repository that would store the relevant information and be available at a single click would help reduce time and efforts that was earlier too cumbersome on manual handling of processes.