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Ameyo Callversations

When in Indonesia...do as.., Well, Its all upto you.. A fantastic evening in Jakarta.

Drishti-Soft as one of the sponsors in TBCCII Award 2012 (ICCA)

From the land of mythologies to the land of opportunities, Indonesia is fast emerging as a global business hub. My recent visit to this 3rd biggest democracy of the world, changed my perspective of the Indonesian market. The occasion ladies and gents was the TBCCII Award Ceremony 2012, at the suave, Indonesia Contact Center Association in Jakarta.

East Africa, the new outsourcing destination?

Being at an event without an aid to chat with usually makes me more of a social animal. So with scotch in my hands and socrates in my head, my attention was drawn to Uganda. Why Uganda? because this was the first time I was seeing another east African country projecting itself as an outsourcing destination. Least of all when it is shedding the all Africa stereotype of being just a wildlife tourist attraction. Seriously! we have only heard about Kenya trying to make the right noises in the BPO arena till now. Apparently, the east except Kenya and West Africa (MENA) region has been slower than others in surfing on the waves of outsourcing, but it seems like a high tide time for the region.