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Can we really Download Pizzas... ???

What if this is possible ???

The borders dividing countries, the ocean separating the land, hills demarcating plains, rivers drawing the line, this is how nature divides…. Rich and poor, healthy and sick, literate and ignorant, democratic and authoritarian, empowered and deprived… this is how WE divide WE.. In the midst of division and barriers, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has arisen as the synapse, unifying the world. Some of the facts and stats:

Fast Moving Generation of Technology

Pandemic effect of Communication Technology

Its been interesting travelling metro early morning, oh! I travel, compartment full of ladies (privileged), majority of them to their offices. Working schedule may not leave enough place for your kins and loved ones and this is the time you would love to hook on to them no matter, you are crushed between huge Aunties or your feet is stamped by a high heel. You are still plugged in to your bluetooth headset or earphones or chats (in my case). That’s how communication technology has a pandemic effect in each one of our lives. In a conversation with my colleague (engineer), who explained how an extension is installed on every metro station which is connected to the telecom tower, that signals us as “connected” underground.

Truly Indian... entirely Global

Technology, software, application, solution, I have been living these since a past few months, and to tell you the fact the alien terms are gradually transforming and mesmerising, yeah it suddenly turned out to be beautiful.. ‘tech and beauty’, weird combination, but that is how i like relating things. Well, my idea was to bring out the fact that how proud you feel when you know the technology behind the market giant, servicing millions of people across the globe is actually developed by a citizen of our country. This was exactly what i felt when i came to know about some of the services that i use like Book my Show, Myntra, Acer, Fortis Healthcare are able to serve us by the help of software product that is developed in my own country, i.e. truly Indian entirely global.( with reference to my last blog)

Drishti - Dream not a business

A New Beginning

‘Campus to Corporate’ the dreadful phrase that haunted me in my entire college life, you need to do this, do that and blah blah.. All I ever saw was people cribbing about their job and work life. I was certainly not prepared for the challenge. Still, it comes when it has to, I took the plunge from management school to the frying pan, the corporate life.