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Ameyo Callversations

Roaring Tiger and Snoring Dragon

Who takes the larger bite????

Welkom aan Afrika.. to Namaste India we have been doing what we do best, go to a different land and make it our home. The tiger has been constantly foraying and snarling at the dragon in the African continent. Chairman Mao (may god rest his soul) turns in his grave given the fact that the tiger is encroaching on the hidden dragon’s initiatives.

Designed, Developed and Deployed

It really works :)

My crew calls me a Geek... To some extent I understand their sentiments as I am mostly entangled in coding and yes I did watch The Matrix only a million times in my college life. So while the world moved on I was still living under a rock and typing strings of code... Your everyday average nerd who loves, designing, developing and deploying... did I just sound binaric by any chance??? :p

If it sells elsewhere it might still not work for Africa

It is an exciting time if you are a solution provider to enterprises in Africa OR one of the IT guys implementing technology in Africa. I was in East Africa recently and travelled to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania to explore, as I went about I just kept on asking myself How Africa is looking at Customer Relationship Management?

Big things come in small packages

City of Lions

Nothing is as exciting as a night long chat with hostel mates. One of my 4 am chats hovered on the topic of our favourite destination. And yes!!! Singapore has to come as the first spontaneous choice of the maximum. Every time I hear “Singapore” immediate picture in my head is the great Merlion Fountain. Before our chit chat could reach the fairy land, I took my leave for I had to research on this pretty land.

The cubiclewallah

The Cubiclewalla

I am a cubiclewallah an indianisation of the term cubicle dweller you could say. Bieng a cubiclewallah gives me certain attributes, for example most of my time is spent at contemplation and the eventual outcome of a zombie apocalypse or what if the mayans are right ? This chain of thought gradually transcends to bigger questions which pertain to all suppressed life in general. One such question being, why isn’t anything free in the world? Debating on the issue leads me to a casual smoke (I could do with a break and stretch my legs a bit) and also to observation more than inference. In other words is there anything actually “free” in the world, what if my pack of Marlboros read Open source, no tax no levy, smoke as much as you wish it’s free! Reason tells me nothing could be more utopian, reality tells me otherwise.

Out of the Box Training... Learning while Doing


We make a Team

Friday, 13th! The date, considered as a bad omen and vices in many parts of the globe. However for me it was an absolute flipside. It all started when my CTO summoned all of us for a meeting session and started briefing us about the project we'll be working on for the next week. Once he was done with the briefing and detailing , I was struck by what I call absolute bewilderment. Regaining my senses and getting back to my conscience, I asked him Errr. Rest is ok. But did you mean one month? Because I thought I heard you say one week.

Technically Beautiful

Aviophobia :(

“Manila ay isang maganda lungsod..” Manila what??? I prompted back, immediately to my co-passenger. Flying makes me sick, in the midst of vivid confusion, how does it feel when the person next to you bewilders you further with his alien script.