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Ameyo Callversations

Holding on - the dream or the job

Campus recruitment

Campus recruitment. This little phrase would send shivers down the spine for numerous students hoping to be a part of their "Dream Company". What is a dream company? It is for sure that all of us have different priorities while categorizing from the basket full of corporate multinational giants to being entrepreneurs, but what helps in prioritizing one over the other and finalizing the same are usually hear-say opinions shared by our peers and often those that we think are the stand-apart people who have achieved what they wanted.

Software Selection - The Cubiclewallah's Perspective

How do you select a software??

Any cubicle dweller in the world knows exactly what is a mid – week crises. Any cubiclewallah will also tell you the 101 ways to avoid this eye of the storm kind of situation. It’s simple, just engage in idle gossip half- hiding, half-crouching behind the company water cooler with a more earnest looking colleague.