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Ameyo Callversations

Retaining Customers


Customer is KING

Most often than not, you are not the only one offering whatever you have to offer to your customers. There is competition everywhere (and is only growing), no matter how you augment your product / service to position it differently. Your clients/customers will not hesitate in comparing you with others in spite of best of service and relationships.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) A corollary of IT consumerization


 Bring your own device

Consumers and Information Workers today are increasingly being characterized as tech-savvy and self-empowered. Gone are the days when devices like computers and smart phones exclusively belonged to the Information Technology departments arsenal in big corporate houses. Today, a typical employee owns an assortment of laptops, smart phones, tablets and PCs which are far more advanced than what most IT departments can offer.

Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes

Pink Elephants and Purple Giraffes

Consumers these days have all the choices in the world, these can range from the very basic to the more intricate. Let’s take beer for example, there are the traditional beers, the light variants, the ones that make you brawl and the flavored variants, with banana, strawberry, bacon or even steak flavored beer for buster the pitbull to give you company.

Why being a call center agent is so much fun