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Ameyo Callversations


Endowing customers with outstanding services



One of the best strategies for building sales in a difficult economy isn't lower prices loyal customers. Strong customer relationships can be cultivated by focusing on customer service from the first touch. Infact, offering an outstanding customer service is what every organization aims for. It is the best differentiator for a business. Providing customer service has a basic principle. The customers should be treated in a manner one wishes to be treated. As it is said Charity begins at home, this process starts with the way one treats and trains his employees in his own organisation.

How to confuse an interview into an interrogation or the other way around

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wp-att-808"> Interviewing Vs Interrogation[/caption]

Identifying reasons why customers call into customer service


Why are your customers calling? A lot is riding on the answer. Depending on the industry, 30%-80% of customers call a company per year costing companies millions to hundreds of millions of dollars in customer service, be it in-house or externally managed through a vendor (e.g. Call center, BPOs, Captive units etc.) A complete breakdown for all types of calls that any customer service process handles is strangely not available, this is probably due to the fact that most calls are unique hence an umbrella categorization is a mammoth task. Hence, we limit ourselves only to scenarios based in a customer service setup wherein the customer calls you.

Anti Outsourcing Sentiment

Reducing Agent Attrition



When it comes to any industry to achieve breakthroughs, it is heavily inclined towards its agents. An agent, with his utmost devotion works for the organization which in return fetches name, fame and prosperity to it. Therefore, there is no doubt that an agent is an important aspect for an organization. However, inspite of this, agent attrition has become a rife in the corporate world. Work pressure, non-competitive salaries, lack of proper training, unsatisfactory work ambience have been some of the reasons leading to attrition soar high. Companies incur significant dollars, time and resources in training the employees. Hence, it has been realized that the need of the hour is to grip the attrition rate and restore its smooth operation.