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Ways to Improve Customer Services in E-Commerce


Good User Service = Good Customer Experience = More Sales

This is a well-known fact that today's markets are customer oriented wherein they dominate businesses. Customer preferences are kept in mind before the establishment of a business and measures are chalked out for the upliftment of their satisfaction. Once, customer satisfaction is met, your business will excel and you will make profits. Hence, customer satisfaction should be taken seriously especially, if you are engaged in an e-commerce. The kind of problem faced in this area are more than any other kind of business as here, there is no scope for a direct interaction with the customers.

Philippines proclaims itself "The Call Centre King"

Philippines ‘The Call Center King’

Philippines has become one of the most active participants in the BPO arena. This advancement has been led by the increasing demand for lower labor expenses, intelligent workforce, and of course proficiency in English. According to reports, the Philippines market share for the global offshoring and outsourcing (O&O) industry has grown to 15% in 2008, thereby making it the third largest O&O BPO destination in the world.

In Phillippines, the Business Process Outsourcing has risen, offering  various services to human resources, animation as well as various other fields. It has invaded the call center market and earned the title of being ‘The Call Center King’. The success of the Philippines call centre is exceptional as the first call was taken in 1997.

Even ghosts choose AMEYO to improve call efficiency

Find out how AMEYO helps Samara

Have you ever heard of people getting killed by an apparition through phone calls? Well! sounds weird right? Why would ghosts use phone to kill people when they can do anything and everything with their power? In this video you will see a spectre who is advanced with all the modern gadgets that we humans use in our daily lives.

Reason why Call Center Outsourcing Fails



Outsourcing has become a hot topic in business since the 1990s. Because of the fact it brings a lot of benefits such as cost savings, embracing new innovations and making companies focus on their core businesses, it is being waived by all the big companies. It also helps you get a larger and loyal customer base which enhances a company's brand image. Therefore, the trend of outsourcing customer care services has widened. However, outsourcing a contact center is not a child's play. Inspite of it spreading hastily, there has been many reasons for it to fail. To cite a few of the reasons for an outsourcing failure would be primarily because of variance in expectations in terms of performance, communications margins and so on and so forth.

Employee-Employer Relationship

Relationship Between an Employee and an Employer

The introduction of a new employee by an employer into an organisation means bringing in a  new workforce aboard. However, besides this addition of a member into a group, there also begins a relationship between an employee and an employer which is carried forward for the benefit of the organisation he is employed with. Employees and employers are interdependent on each other in order to yield results conducive to their organisation. Hence, the bond between the two has to be strong. The management of such association between the two plays a vital role in the corporate arena. The stronger the relationship the greater the employee happiness which in return  produces an increased productivity. In order to garner these benefits, you need to be mindful of keeping the significance of your employer-employee relationship in mind.

Measures to improve productivity and reduce operating expense


Reducing Cost + Increasing Productivity = PROFIT

When an organisation talks of business expansion, it emphasizes on identifying the inefficiencies and inculcating improvement in the supply chains and designing production processes. However, the next opportunity to plausibly reduce operating expenses and improving productivity lies in focusing on the workforce - since the most significant controllable expense for most of the organizations is the labor.

Why Employee Engagement is Important?


Employee Engagement is vital

True employee engagement has tremendous value. In the current corporate scenario most businesses acknowledge that neglecting employee satisfaction is insidious for the organization. However, it is also true that most companies confuse employee satisfaction with employee engagement.

Enriching a billion lives with Ameyo


Enriching a billion lives with Ameyo

From the very inception, the evolution of technology has been for the upliftment and the gain of mankind. The major breakthroughs of technology have captivated us and every nook and corner of the world today is enjoying the comforts provided by technology. Today, it is undergoing higher energy, environmental and application demands that are putting pressure on how products and systems are designed and manufactured. Thus, technology has certainly allowed us to increase the quality of our lives in terms of subsistence.

Ameyo, even gods like it

What if Hanuman had AMEYO?

In the video, Hanuman receives a message from Lord Rama bidding him to assemble the monkey troop for an imminent battle. When he rolls out his list containing the names of his troop, he realizes the huge time consumption that will be involved in calling out to the throng of monkeys. He tries to chalk out a solution that would effectively confer the message to the entire troop at one go without hammering of time.

How to improve public perception of the call center


Public perception of the call center

Contact centres seem to have traditionally received bad press. It has developed a stereotype for being the 'sweatshops' wherein employees are poorly treated and burdened with pressure. At the same time, the public perception of call centres is not good either owing to the increased level of automation and technology places thereby increasing distance and reducing the trust between the caller and agents affecting the intentions of both.