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Top 5 Advantages of using Voice Loggers in Contact Centres



Consumers wish to receive the best of quality service and want their requirements to be fulfilled. To make sure that these services are being offered effectively, contact centres rely upon their agents. There are many ways followed to address customers problems and issues. Some of these touch points include the web, emails, live chats and phones. To ensure quality management, contact centres have opted for Voice Loggers which record the complete interaction conducted between an agent and a customer over phones.

Topics: Call Center Software

5 things to know before you shift your contact center to the cloud


Shift to cloud

In order to shift to cloud, the IT infrastructure of your company may require a heavy investment. Inspite of having numerous advantages of the cloud such as using the cloud service to deliver modern customer service, the ability to be proactive and deliver social customer service before you face customer issues, programmed hourly backups, virtualized servers etc., there are certain questions you should ask yourself before shifting your contact center technologies to the cloud.

Ways to improve customer satisfaction through CRM

Customer Relationship Management

The significance of customer satisfaction will be surely known by anyone who runs a business or is closely associated with it. Businesses are heavily dependent on customers for their success and smooth operations, which might get ruined incase customers are not appeased and made happy. You upset your customers and they shift their interest and money elsewhere. And then where does your business stand?

Contact Center Offerings to the Medical Industry



With markets becoming highly competitive, consumer satisfaction forms the part and parcel in ensuring retention and long-term growth. Customers wish for knowledgeable health care call centers which can address their requirements on the first contact, access details and most importantly treat the customers with hospitality making them feel valued. Solutions provided by the health care call centers focus on developing an outstanding and cost-effective customer experience.

Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code

When I got an interview call from Drishti, the first thing that I did was research. So, like a good samaritan I went to the Drishti Website and developed a preconceived notion that it would be a typical software development firm where major chunk of the workforce would be coders wearing formals and with identity cards hanging down their neck.

Optimizing customer support for ecommerce during holiday seasons

Optimize your customer support this holiday season

Holidays are joyous times when we come out of the shackles of tedious hours at office and get back to our respites. But this season to some means the best time to attract customer’s inflow traffic when they optimize the most of customer support. If you are into e commerce, gear up to prepare your customer support for the great influx of customers.

Look Out For the Top 5 Technology Trends for 2013

Technology Trends for 2013

Business leaders always think about progressing in next generation technology. When it comes to cost savings and revenue generation, business executives become more alert and conscious. Technology trends for the next generation have already occupied their place in the ROI. It is very important to know about the technology trends and to which business they should be applied to. Collection of data, customer engagement, improving productivity by cutting down costs are essential in  dynamic economies.

Belief can be a lock, your resilience is what makes it the key

The Power of Resilience

One thing for sure - If you are an Indian, literate or otherwise, rural or urban, resident or an NRI, a manager or an entrepreneur, you skipped reading the first line in completion only for the reason that you have heard, sung and read the same at least as many times as Sachin Tendulkar has faced Shane Warne.

Financial Benefits of Great Customer Service Experiences

Good Customer Service = Good Financial Payoff

For any business, a great customer experience is the key to success. Businesses strive to win customer attention and seek ways to retain them. Customers are impatient and hunt for services which promise them quality delivery. However, even if the strategy is known to all and sundry, to retain the customers and keep them coming to you is a big challenge. Hence, great efforts are required by business ends to retain and satisfy customers.

Is Cloud Computing a threat to outsourcing industry?


Cloud Computing

With each passing day, software advancements are taking a new form. With this transition, there is a tremendous uplift in the productivity level of almost all industries. An important advancement in the software industry is cloud computing. In a layman's language, it may be defined as a way of delivering information or hosted services wherein resources are retrieved from the internet  rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.

Drishti-Soft collaborates with Shiksha Sankalp to help underpriviledged students

Shiksha Sankalp

To begin with, I would like to extend my thanks to the HR department of Drishti Soft for involving us in the great initiative called the Shiksha Sankalp. The Shiksha Sankalp Foundation is a non-profit organization, active in the field of school education for children from underprivileged families which has been approved by the Government of India. Shiksha Sankalp is an effort to ensure that every underprivileged child in the world achieves age-appropriate level of academic knowledge and skills.