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Top 3 reasons for your customers to hate your Contact Center



Everyone knows contact centres to be a one stop for receiving information and getting their queries and doubts answered. If you happen to step into a contact center to see how the real environment is, you will find the agents stuck to their phones or headsets, putting in all of their efforts to provide assistance to customers. However, inspite of the contact centers maneuvering to offer the best of services to the customers and keeping them gratified, there are still more cases and instances of customer complaints and grievances.

Contact Center offerings to Educational Institutions

How Contact Centers help Educational Institutions

Many universities, schools and colleges have switched to outsource their heavy call management to contact centres. An educational contact center service has the ability to  to pass on information to huge groups of students and parents. They are cost efficient and often do not add to the expenses of the payroll of these institutions. These contact centers offer commendable services to the students and parents wherein they provide them with answers to the queries and doubts. Educational contact centers provide students with the utmost assistance by helping them in knowing their fees structures, courses being offered to them, examination routines and so on and so forth.

Design your own solution


"Omnipotence and omniscience are the end of power and knowledge."

Three steps to better customer service and assessing CRM

Better customer service with CRM

The words Customer Service are self explanatory which clearly tells us that Customers are of paramount importance. Serving them has become an important strategy for all businesses and they are considered to be the KING . In order to serve and provide them with what they deserve, CRM is the appropriate tool that is being used today. The CRM plays an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction as well as retaining them.

Top 4 emerging trends in the real estate world

Emerging Trends in Real Estate world

The real-estate industry of India has witnessed a robust growth in a short span of time and is expected to grow further with the increasing population. Demand for commercial and residential spaces are increasing with each passing day. The expanding industrial sector has also been one of the factors for the real estate industry booming. So, lets have a look at some of the emerging trends in the real estate world.

Advantages of using Social Media in Contact Centers

Social Media in Contact Centers

Happy customers have always been a recipe for success. When they like a particular service, they talk about it to other people. Every time they say something, is heard by millions of people. Most of the businesses these days have therefore opted for Social Media experts in order to respond to customer complaints and inquiries, on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Call Centers too have switched to social media since they are required to connect with lots of customers day in and day out. The idea of incorporating social media as a procedure to enhance customer satisfaction is to act on the complaints and feedbacks the customers post on the social media sites. Contact centers have therefore laid their dependency on Social Media to garner customer opinions and learning about the loopholes which needs area of improvement.

Top 5 outsourcing destinations

Top 5 Outsourcing Destinations

There has been a tremendous transformation in the delivery of services in the increasingly globalized market. Delivery of services outsourced from far-flung locations have been possible with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. There has been a good deal of discussion about the dynamism in the outsourcing industry and how it has spread like a wildfire to almost all the countries in the world. Within a span of ten years, the outsourcing industry has gained recognition of being the most stable and mature commerce in the world.

23rd November 2012


20th November 2012, I woke up from my sleep and started to muse on the interview I was to appear in the next few hours. As I was lost in my contemplations, I suddenly realized I had a lot of work to be wrapped before proceeding for the interview. I immediately rushed into the kitchen, grabbed some bread morsels and stuffing them into my mouth quickly arranged my file and other requisites for the “Big Day”.

How to plan your contact centre

Contact Centre Planning

Contact centres are now considered as the most preferred way of communication between customers and clients of different organisations. The contact centre industry seems to be rapidly growing and spreading far and wide. Therefore, in order to plan your contact center and make it stand amidst the other established contact centres firmly, it is important you make wise plannings. Before you set your right foot, you need to analyse the objectives of your business and the type of customers you will be dealing with.

Changes you can make in your contact centre

It's time to change

Contact Centres have become a controversial topic about which people have ambivalent convictions. You will often hear that they offer bad services and have poor working ambience. Again, there will be groups which will speak well about them. Now the question is why do some people have wrong notions about contact centres inspite of the agents putting in their efforts to be at the beck and contact of the customers and take care of their requirements being fulfilled? The reason may be many and difficult to identify since different contact centres have different offerings. However, there are certain ways through which you can bring changes in your contact centre.

Home away from home

My Office, My Second Home

From fast moving life, crowded local train and highly professional life where people really don’t have time to talk to each other, I joined Drishti on 18/12/2012 to find a family of friends, and a wealth of knowledge. I really loved the way HR introduced me to each and every one on the first day. I felt very good to receive the warm welcome from the employees of Drishti. I slowly started getting familiar with Drishti’s way and interacted with our CEO to find openness and freedom of expression in our discussions. Now after spending so many days with you all good people, I can say that the proverb has come true for me “people make the company”.