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4 Proven Ways to Reduce Repeat Calls in Contact Centres

We are well aware of the fact that customers are impatient and tend to get annoyed when they fail to receive what they seek. Contact centres at times are not able to offer desired assistance or services to the customers, which make them repeatedly call contact centers. It is a tedious job to regurgitate the same issue over and over again and at the end, the customer realizes that he needs to call back again because his complaints are not resolved. There are many technologies deployed by contact centers to fight this challenge, but the problem still seems to be prevailing.

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Quintessential features of CRM that businesses look for

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relation Management (CRM), has gained popularity to a great extent as it is widely being used by businesses of all sizes. There used to be a time when CRM was thought to be a technology used only by large enterprises. However, lately small enterprises too have realized that CRM can be a handy tool for them to manage details, interactions with customers, clients and also to handle sales prospects. A CRM can be customized according to the business needs of the firms, it’s operation can be expanded from contact management capabilities, customer relationship management etc.One therefore need to assess the options to determine the solution that will cater to his/her business requirements.

Tips to build a customer-centric contact center

Customer-centric contact center

Contact Centers as well as other enterprises focus on customer-centricity. Before we proceed with the fundamental ingredients required to build a customer-centric contact center, lets first understand what the term means. What is customer-centricity? Customer-centricity is the procedure of placing valuable customers at the center of any business or operation. Steps are taken after a proper thought about the impact it would have on customers. Since, contact centers are well known to be providing assistance to customers, they imperatively continue to clinch on to these metrics and practices that perform a great deal to elevate the satisfaction level of today’s savvy customers.

5 ways to boost agent productivity


Ways to improve agent productivity.

A contact center's proper functioning and success depends on agents owing to the endeavors they put in. Agents are best known for providing quality service and solving customer queries and issues. Therefore, in order to assist them in being able to execute their work efficiently, contact centers use CIM technologies.These technologies are often feature rich and allow smooth operation. However, apart from using CIM technologies, you may also follow a lot of strategies which will not only empower the agents to assist customers but also enhance their productivity.

Top 5 reasons for using web chats in contact centers

Web Chats in Contact Centers

With contact centers finding out more ways to deliver customers with the best services and offerings, web chats are yet another channel being chosen by them. In today’s world, where being fast and easy is paramount, the ability to chat on web with a live person is a standout feature.

Ways to build effective collection strategy

Collection Strategy

Whether your business is small or large, maintaining a good and reliable collection strategy is important to ensure the proper flow of cash. There are many factors which need to be considered before creating a streamlined collection which will help you in assisting your business, cash flow and also help you in handling procrastinated payments.

Advantages of using Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Contact centers and enterprises, in their quest to improve and enhance customer satisfaction have come a long way to use new technologies. One such technology which is growing rapidly is the Speech Analytics. It is a device which empowers managers and supervisors to find out which agents are not being proactive, or which are not succeeding in satisfying customers. Post that, they provide them with the required training and education to improve agent performance. With the tool, one is also able to identify calls which are difficult for agents to handle and design different strategies to deal with them.

How does the Callback Technology enhance customer experience



Customer complaints about getting stuck in long queues have been perennial. In today's piece, we will discuss about the advantages the Callback Technology has to offer to the contact center world and elevate customer service.

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BYOD & Mobile Phones in BPOs

Bring Your Own Device

Business operations in many organisations are taking a new turn and getting revolutionized by the increasing use of mobile technology which is popularly known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or (BYOD). With this strategy, organisations are being able to save costs, improve business efficiency and empower staffs to work proficiently. Since mobile phones are portable, an individual is able to turnaround his work sitting from any corner. Usage of these devices have been widely supported by people who are inclined towards advanced technologies in their personal lives and wish to include the same convenience at work by using them which often include smartphones, tablets etc. Apart from all the above mentioned advantages that BYOD has to offer, one should consider the following points before BYOD is implemented.