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Ameyo Callversations

/tmp: A Seven-Day Technology Marathon and a Life-Changing Experience


Sleepless nights and a 7-day marathon

Sleepless nights, odd meal hours or maybe just one brunch a day that experience of comfort even when you realize you were actually sleeping on a chair while people were clicking awkward pictures of you to post on Facebook and pull a long trail of scoffing comments just for fun; and still all of this not percolating even a bit into the subconscious in the wake of what one has to deliver. YES, this is my version of definition of /tmp as I have seen the teams living that passion day in and day out.

Deciphering Contact Center Jargon

Deciphering call center terms and jargon

If you think that these terms are separate services of a call center with no relation to each other, think again. All of these, together as one, turn the customer experience into an extremely smooth journey. As separate components working towards the one common goal, all of them aim to keep the customer satisfied and delighted, which would ultimately result in higher sales. These tools also end up being very useful to the agent and help them handle multiple calls and requests, at the same time.

/tmp: Mid-Week Madness and Battle Plans

/tmp: Mid-Week Madness and Battle Plans

When /tmp started on Saturday, we had no clue of how crazy we would all be in just a matter of days. The second edition of /tmp is already on its way to beat last year’s event with regards to midnight brainstorming, madness quotient, and most importantly the race to make the winning product. With our eyes on the prize, it is a battle and a test of will.