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5 Must-Have Features for Banks to Achieve Great Customer Service


Banks should ensure their agents are effective in giving expert advise and great service to all its customers.

Since their inception, banks have served customers in various ways. However, the most important feature of any bank is the personalized interactions and communications with the customer. It is the bank's job to gauge the customer's need and ensure that their money and trust is well protected and grows over the years.

How Virtual Hold Can Help You Hold on to Your Customers


How many times have you gone through websites after websites to look for that customer care number and completed the arduous task only to be greeted by a "Thank you for holding. Your call is important to us. All our Customer Care Representatives are currently assisting other callers. Kindly hold the line and your call will be answered shortly."? And might I add here that to pique the level of frustration the automated message goes on in repeat mode.

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Need for Contact Center Analytics

Analytics keep track of performance and other key business metrics

Contact centers are a provider of valuable knowledge and information to customers. It makes sense therefore, that they use analytics tool to measure agent performance and other key metrics. Analytics tools keep a track of how well the business is performing and informs managers/supervisors of when, and how, to tune up performance.

CRM: Multiple Benefits in One Tool


CRM (customer relationship management) is essential to every business as it collects data and builds better channels for communication. The scope of CRM in helping businesses build and sustain customer relations is vast and allows a lot of room for technological advancements. Just like you remember what to get your best friend on their birthday (most likely based on a wish they made earlier in the year), an enterprise CRM remembers all the details of each customer and serves them accordingly. Now, imagine the limitless possibilities!
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Workforce Management (WFM): Best Practices in Contact Centers

A good manager knows how to get all the employees in sync and work in harmony.

It is no secret that contact centers have a notorious reputation for inducing burn-out due to long hours and stress passed on from the customers. Therefore as a supervisor or manager, it is important to ensure that your agents have a healthy work-life balance that does not affect the quality of their work.

Multi-Channel Communication for Enhanced Customer Service

Agents should have access to all modes of communication with customer, making interaction easy with a single click.

Contact centers have learned that innovative solutions ensure increased customer satisfaction and user experience. Phones, fax, and e-mail are well-known media for the customer to get in touch with an agent. With advancement in technology and personalized information being made available at the click of a button, agents also need to be adept at handling customers. Therefore, all agents should have the latest technology to deliver better customer service and make outreach easy.

Why the Travel Industry Is Adopting Click-to-Call (and Why You Should Too)

Click-to-Call is a boon for the travel industry

These days, all my holidays are booked with complete ease, in the comfort of my home. Well, sometimes my parents/friends scream at me to click various links on a website, but the overall experience still is comfortable. All travel websites have numerous options to choose from. My favorite options though are: “Click to call a dedicated team of hotel staff”, “use our free and easy Click to Call” etc.

5 Ways to Make Your Contact Center Deliver an Integrated Customer Service Experience

Surveys have shown that narrating the same problem to multiple agents on the same or different channels is the biggest cause of customer frustration. This builds frustration both in the minds of the customer and the customer service representatives. They sometimes find themselves answering repeat calls which eats up a lot of productivity everyday. But is it really their fault, or are they just not equipped with the right contact center software?

Is Your Call Center Software Ready to Take Advantage of WebRTC?

Off late customers usually had to endlessly browse through portals to hunt the customer care number for an organizations helpdesk to place a call. This process was not only tedious and time consuming but also lead to longer customer wait times and hence, more often than not resulted in customer dissatisfaction and disloyalty.

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Is Hardware-Based Legacy Solution Snowballing Your TCO?

With software-based solutions, your organizations can reduce the TCO and at the same time increase productivity.

Businesses all around the world have two key objectives—Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Costs. To achieve these objectives, organizations need to make smart decisions on how they allocate their resources to get the most out of their investments. Decisions related to investment in technology are crucial as they account for almost $1.8 trillion globally, which is a huge amount. These decisions affect the flow of revenue and largely impact the bottom line in the long term.

Empowering Your Service Assets: The Contact Center Agents

Empower your agents to see increased productivity and help them serve customer better

We have all worked on countless reports during school and college; the purpose of which was to gauge our learning, our presentation skills, and our insight on the topic. I remember successful presentations because I spoke confidently and also handled audience questions and counterarguments with ease. The appreciation from my teacher at the end of the presentation was further proof that I had done well. However, in the unsuccessful ones I could sense the boredom on my classmates’ faces.