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Throwback Thursday: Old Contact Centers vs. New



Contact centers have evolved from the ancient switchboard model to the digitized model over the past decade. It was after all, a need of the hour. A call center relying on their agents to fish contact information then call a hundred numbers before finding the right customer is already obsolete. Chunky hardware of the past involved a lot of maintenance and hampered customer service. The need then was a solution which relied on the latest software and speedy servers to deliver maximum customer reach.

Topics: Call Center Software

Cross-Functional Training to Improve Business Understanding


Businesses are like complex organisms which consist of different parts or departments taking care of various important functions. Everyone from the CEO to the mail delivery boy is important part to ensure smooth functioning. This is why organizations hire based on specialty and experience so that all employees contribute the best of their capability. Great care is also taken to train new employees in their special domains so that they become experts as soon as training is over.

Topics: Call Center Agents

High Call Traffic? Use a Robust Call Handling Solution



Contact centers experience high call volumes which sometimes are more than the agents capacity. Unfortunately, unanswered calls are detrimental to the business as it may result in the loss of a potential customer. Contact centers therefore, have to ensure that all calls are answered. But how can they achieve a balance between unrestricted number of calls and restricted number of agents? Should they hire more agents? How will this additional cost affect the business?

Topics: IVR Call Center Software

Personal Data Protection: Singapore to Enforce DNC Registry

The Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry is an attempt by the Singapore government to protect the data of the citizens from unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages. This month, the Singapore parliament passed the Personal Data Protection Bill which safeguards an individual's personal data from being misused. The bill encompasses the national Do-Not-Call registry while a new enforcement agency, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), has been tasked to regulate how businesses manage personal data. The commission will also have the power to impose financial penalties in case of violations reported by consumers.

Topics: Predictive Dialer

Reinvent Your Products, Just Like Superman



A competitive market demands high-quality goods and services. The only way your products and services will sell is by ensuring that the product is efficient, and your customer support aims for 100% issue resolution. For an organization, meeting yearly targets is a tough task that involves price negotiations, sales and marketing strategies, aggressive promotions (ads included), sourcing raw materials, leading an efficient and productive staff, and quality testing.

Innovation as a Way of Life: Keep on Creating!

Concorde represented the dreams and imagination of a nation but most importantly, it was innovation and excellence that symbolized the jet.

History tells us that the survival of man has been possible only through innovation and constant evolution. Humans discovered various uses of the things around them and made possible the present that we live in. Our capacity to imagine and strive for wonderful technological innovations is boundless. Just this month, the news featured robots that had 80% human functionalities, including veins to pump blood. On the other hand, Mars can be our future home as our satellites travel beyond the edge of the Solar System.

Workforce Management: The Importance of Team Dynamics


A team that works well together grows and develops together.

In workplace discussions, one of the most common topics is team dynamics. In an organization, teams work together towards achieving the company goals as well as their own personal targets. Therefore, working in a team is an integral part of delivering business goals. Each idea, comment, feedback, and disagreement is vital to the teams growth and development. This is how common goals are achieved and individual employees grow by being a part of their teams.

Topics: Call Center Agents

6 Ways to Improve Collections and Payment of Dues



Customers are like children. They get distracted by shiny things, are curious about new stuff, and expect to be taken care of all the time. Children also forget their chores when they are playing or sleeping. Customers are also quite similar. They forget about bills, tasks, loans and credit card payments. They need reminders to make timely payments. Sometimes, they even need handholding for these tasks.

Topics: Customer Service

How CRM Saves the Day in Hospitals

Databases are very essential in today's digital age. Information has been made accessible and mobile as well with advancement in technology and the widespread use of cloud and shared networks. In this scenario, it is important that information which existed on paper be digitized and be made easily accessible. Government offices, hospitals, schools and colleges, and legal entities need digitization urgently. Their processes are complex and information is very important for their smooth functioning. Digitized information will make it easy for the employees and customers to interact.

Topics: Call Center Software

7 Strategies to Improve Profitability in Customer Facing Organizations



Profitability is inseparably linked to optimization. Businesses thrive when they optimize resources to the maximum. However, optimization comes with streamlining the processes. Enterprises have to ensure that the various business processes overlap, use common resources, or allow employee cross-over.

Topics: Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction: How Charlie Chaplin Did It


Chaplin's attention to detail and skill of entertaining his audience should be adapted by enterprises.

When I think of a person, book, movie, place, or animal that truly captured my attention, one name pops to my mind: Charlie Chaplin. I grew up on his movies and videos as my parents were big fans, and so was almost everyone I knew as a child. Mr. Chaplin still manages to make the world laugh. The power of his films is anything but legendary! How did someone like Chaplin manage to enthrall the world?

Topics: Customer Service

Better Education through Online Chats and Calls

The Indian government strongly argues the need to educate each and every child to ensure a bright future for them and they aim for complete literacy with the Right to Education Act (2009). The argument is that when children are educated, they have opportunities for better jobs and can earn better. After all, education liberates people and makes them better citizens.

Contact Center Essentials: A Robust Reporting Tool


 Contact centers deal with customers each and every minute. Factors like agent performance during each call, customer response to agent, whether sale/collection has been made, how many sales/collections are made per hour, how many calls answered, rejected, or cut abruptly, etc., are important to measure the overall business efficiency and productivity. These are just a few factors and analyzing them is not an easy task. Imagine analyzing each and every minute of a call center in that case!

Drishti-Soft Wins the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India 2013 Award

On its path to success and global recognition, Drishti-Soft has won many awards and honors highlighting the fact that our all-in-one solution, AMEYO, is among the best CIM solutions. The latest award to come our way is the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2013 award. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India program annually recognizes the 50 fastest-growing technology companies based on percentage revenue growth over the last three financial years.

Best Quality Monitoring Tools in Contact Centers

Quality monitoring helps agents learn from best practices and improve communications to deliver greater customer satisfaction.

In contact centers, quality monitoring ensures that the calls are informative, to the point, and do not waste the customer’s time. To achieve all these is tough and requires a mix of agent experience, innovative leadership strategies, and a robust technology solution to create successful interactions. Communications in a contact center have to serve customer successfully and supervisors are given the job of ensuring this.

Workforce Management: Have You Gone on a Holiday Yet?

Employees need vacations to come back to work fresh and full of ideas.

When one talks about work, it is serious. People discuss the highs and lows of their jobs with friends, family, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers while networking socially or professionally. A manager walks the tightrope of keeping employees happy while delivering business targets. Achieving a balance is tough and takes a lot of practice and learning from mistakes. How do you keep everyone happy?

The Story of Successful E-Commerce Customer Experiences


E-commerce provides the comfort of shopping from home with huge discounts, so a robust software will help the agents service customers well and boost revenue.

Commerce online is booming with no sign of stopping. Even developing countries in Asia and Africa are turning to e-commerce websites to purchase products. They are looking for an experience which makes their lives comfortable by selling different products on one website. Sitting at home/office and shopping for essentials like groceries, clothing, home appliances, electronics, etc., saves people a lot of time and effort. It seems that the Internet does have all the answers to life's problems.

Great Tips from the Hotel Industry on Customer Service


The hotel industry has great examples of how to satisfy customers that will keep them loyal and use more products from your business.

Hotels around the world know that their patrons expect the most exceptional service for the price they have paid. In this regard, each hotel strives to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all its customers so that they come back to the same hotel in the future. Good service always pays because customers who are satisfied and happy with the service will recommend the hotel to their friends and family. They will in fact, argue in favor of the point that the more they pay, the better the service they receive. If this is not a sound strategy to increase revenue, what else is there?

Three Ways to Retain Customer Loyalty in Consumer Electronics


Great customer service will ensure long standing customer loyalty to your brand.

In the consumer electronics industry, the companies are striving to be better and better with each product and innovation. What differentiates the giants from the others is the importance they give to their product. The longevity of the products and the enhancement in lifestyle it gives to the customer are the main factors which influence consumer sentiment. However, customer loyalty is fickle in this sector. Winning is tough, even for the big companies.

Outsourcing HR: How to Save Operational Costs

An HR outsourcer seeks to build successful relations between companies and employees by hiring the right fit.

Human resources are a basic feature of any organization. As an organization is made of people, the success of the organization is directly proportional to the success of its employees. The fast growth of a business necessitates a more structured and managed organization. But how do you ensure that the people you hire are the best in the market?

So You Answered the Call, What Next?

For better interaction, a robust CTI ensures agent has all information to successfully serve customers.

Often times, there are calls that leave us speechless. “Congratulations! You’ve won a million dollars!” is a message that will lead to at least a minute’s worth of silence. Or when you have eaten the last cookie in the jar and your mother asks who ate it, you take a minute to decide who to point the finger at. Speechlessness, it would seem, is the natural response when humans are taken unawares.