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IVRS: Friend or Foe?

All of us have faced this gatekeeper in our pursuit of getting information or raising a complaint with our banker, telephone company, cable TV, or any other service we subscribe to. No prizes for guessing, I am talking about the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).

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How Emergency Services and Contact Centers Save Lives


Timely care is coordinated by a robust solution between agents assessing the patient's situation and sending appropriate care.

Emergency services are an integral part of not just the healthcare system but the society as a whole. Ambulances, doctors on call, medical camps, and other such services which extend beyond the physical walls of a hospital serve patients and people by bringing care to them. It also makes sure that regardless of their economic or social status, they get the care needed. And as hospitals tend to get tied up in paperwork, most of the people below the poverty line will prefer not going at all.

5 Marketing Strategies to Win More Customers


Customers always look, and ask for, more when they are purchasing something. They want maximum utility, cost effectiveness, high quality, reliability, great service, and a great experience. As an enterprise, your goal is to ensure that your product/service/offering is the best in the market, and offers the best features and uses to the customer. The quality of your offering will enhance if you support it with service that provides an invaluable experience to the customer. It should be the wow factor that pulls in the crowds and keep customers loyal.
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Importance of Seamless Functioning in Front and Back Offices

The functions of the front-end part and the back offices of any business are the same: service the customer, increase sales, and contribute to the business growth. However, the way each part achieves these goals is different. Customer-facing sales teams are able to easily gauge customer behaviors and patterns. For example, in a clothing store, it is much easier to know what the client wants when they linger in a section to check a particular item on the rack. The salesperson can also confirm the customer needs by asking them, showing them options, helping them try these options, and then selecting the final items.

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How to Crack the Customer Code


Customers look for the best product and service which enterprises can understand by analyzing customer behavior and listening to their opinions.

With regards to customers, this blog post explained that customers are not like children and should not be treated like them. The affection of children can be bought with promises or candy. Even though your company makes products for children, it is actually parents who are the customers. If they are not pleased with the product, they will skip it. No matter how much the child wants your stuff, if it is not up to the mark in terms of quality and cost, parents will not buy it. When they do not buy your product, they use ice cream, fast food, or candies to please the kids—effectively leaving you behind your market competitors.

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Age of the Smartphone and Mobile VAS Is Here

Smart thinking has paved the way for smart technology. In the era of rapid digitalization, smart technology is the all-in-one tool for the tech-savvy individual. Banking, shopping, communication, sight-seeing, official work, social media, and even healthcare are incorporated into a smartphone. Anything from any corner of the globe is within reach now. The globe really has shrunk.

Innovation Is at the Heart of Everything


At Drishti-Soft we want to transform India from a service nation to a product nation by encouraging the spirit of engineering and innovation.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, one of the traps that the Indian software sector faced was the “service trap. India as a whole had the reputation of a services providing company instead of being a product creating company. To the Western world, we were a large labor force that was waiting to be untapped in the wake of India economic liberalization. For a good part, we believed we were great at service and left all the innovation jobs for the West.

The Invention of Future Technologies



The legendary Apple vs. Microsoft battle is over. There is no clear winner either, as Google Android proved. The choice was simply the customers. What they wanted boosted the advancement of technology, and the fierce race to come out with smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart laptops, and even smart television. The last few years have been very exciting with respect to the innovation and scientific discovery we have made. We discovered the God particle, after all.

Happy Holidays: Celebrating the Festival of Diwali

This is an exciting time to be in India. The annual celebration of lights is here and everyone is delighted to celebrate with friends and family. Gifts, dry fruits, and sweets are being distributed between families, friends, and colleagues. Celebrations also involve lighting lamps, candles, decorating homes with strings of light, and most enjoyably, bursting crackers. Kids and adults alike stack up crackers over a period of weeks and light up the night sky with colorful firework display.

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage in Contact Centers



Every so often there is a technological innovation which changes the way the world thinks and behaves. When social media emerged, everyone was amazed at its potential to not only unite people but open up a world of possibilities in terms of advertising, branding, marketing, word-of-mouth promotion, news sharing and gathering, and reaching out directly to the masses. Every individual could brand and market themselves as well as any organization. We had arrived at the latest channel of communication.

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