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Leverage Reporting and Analytics to Enrich Customer Experience


Businesses are in the habit of analyzing their sales and revenue trends at the end of each quarter and then again at the end of each year. This helps them make predictions and allocate resource accordingly for the coming year. Departments which are progressing are encouraged to follow trends that make them successful. On the other hand, departments which are not doing so well are put under review and changes are made to their work styles. This is done so that in time, they will have better turnarounds and contribute to the larger enterprise positively.
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Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

Well, its that time of the year again. The northern hemisphere is experiencing winter and in the midst of this cold weather, we are celebrating one of the joyous festivals. Merry Christmas cheers to you all!

IVR to the Agents Rescue!


To contact centers IVR is a boon which saves agents time and lets them provide quality service to customers with complex issues.

Businesses provide phone input options to callers so that inquiries can be streamlined and lead callers to the right automated solution or a human agent. Banks, financial services, education institutes, e-commerce websites, and healthcare services are among the few verticals that use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) extensively. As IVR is quick, it easily siloes customer calls based on their needs. For contact centers this is a boon as it saves agents time and lets them focus on complex issues instead.

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Is Your Company Liked on Facebook?


Social media marketing is an important tool which costs a fraction of what traditional strategies do. With 1.19 billion users and $5.1 billion in revenue, Facebook leads the pack. Twitter follows with 200 million active users and tie-ups with major TV networks and movies that allow viewers to check-in and comment live while viewing. This vast reach of social media is one of the innovative ways to promote.

How to Market Your Product Without Really Marketing


There is a shift in the marketing and advertising world which is towards word-of-mouth personal promotions instead of grand ads which customers do not appreciate.

There is a shift in the marketing and advertising world. It is no longer about spending big bucks to tell consumers about the greatness of a product over its competitors. Consumers know that most advertisements are grandly exaggerated and some are even outright lies. As the users of a product, they prefer to test all competitors before deciding which company to put their trust in. This is exactly the lesson for all marketers: consumer loyalty cannot be bought; it is earned by serving them a great product and providing an experience.

How to Prepare for the Holiday Travel Bug


Enterprises have to deliver excellent customer service during the holiday travel season so that customers do exactly what they want to do during a vacation: Relax.
It is the season to be jolly and as gifting and shopping go on side-by-side; people all over the world are travelling and enjoying their winter break (or summer break south of the equator). They will be visiting families or vacation spots to relax before the new year. The surge in holiday travel will bring in greater revenue for the travel and hospitality industries. Are you prepared to handle this increase in bookings, inquiries, cancellations, and last-minute rush?
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Nelson Mandela and a Life of Greatness


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18th July 1918 - 5th December 2013)

This week when the news of Nelson Mandela's passing was announced, the whole world mourned. Since the 1940s till the present day, he championed for racial equality and human rights. Everyone knows the struggles Mandela went through to achieve equality in South Africa. His life is testament to the triumph of the human spirit to overcome all odds and lead change. Mandela, you will be missed.

5 Ways to Make Customers Come Back for More


Is it easy to retain customers? Or is it easier to chase new customers? As an enterprise, what do you focus on? Do you spend money on advertising to increase customers, or do you focus on promoting and cross-selling to existing customers?

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Does the Holiday Season Excuse Bad Customer Service?


If your business wishes to survive this holiday season, make sure you put customer service on top of your list.

It is the holiday season once again and as shoppers line up outside stores, or boost web traffic to your site, what will you as an enterprise focus on? Will you focus on ensuring enough stock? Will you ensure that all your staff is available on the floor or behind the phones at all times? Or will you go on with business as usual?

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Multichannel Communication: The Power of Chat


Chat is a boon for call centers which allows them to resolve easy issues quickly, using a communication channel which is preferred by many customers.

Online chatting became famous more than a decade ago and has only gained more popularity over the years. It is easy, quick, and allows users to send pictures, videos, and documents while chatting. The capability to do all this through a single window has been a boon to people who are always on the move and need quick communication channels. It is only worth mentioning that chat is now an integral part of an enhanced customer experience for any enterprise.

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Customer Service Tip: Use Customers to Sell Your Products


Word-of-mouth advertisement testifies to the great service gained from online shopping--a customer service model all businesses should learn from.

Customer satisfaction is such an important metric that it can make or break a company. Companies that service the customers needs to the fullest, are rewarded well. Those that fail to elicit any reaction apart from dissatisfaction or disgust are doomed to fail. So how does an enterprise ensure that they satisfy their clients all the time? By making customers their sales guys!

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