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Satisfying Customers with Multichannel Communication


As we become more mobile with widespread penetration of smartphones, customers seek new, fast, and multiple communication channels.

Enterprises constantly seek to improve customer satisfaction. While traditional customer service channels are used successfully by businesses, startups and established players always look for new and innovative ways to wow customers. Providing an edge over the competitions service is the key as it has been since the start of market competition. With contact centers, enterprises have exploited both traditional and new communication channels to increase customer satisfaction and user experience.

Topics: Customer Service

What Celebrities Teach us About Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing should be taken seriously as posts on social media contribute to the larger product/service aspect of the business and are a value-add.

How do you know what your customers and employees are talking about? Is there any other method which does not involve snooping instead ethically and analytically scans social media to know how much your enterprise is trending? How do you invest in such a strategy without spending huge amounts on manpower to analyze social media trends?

Welcome to the New Year!

The Drishti-Soft family would like to wish everyone a happy New Year! 2014 has arrived and goodbyes to 2013 have been said. As most of the countries have adopted the New Year on January 1, it has become the most celebrated public holiday. All over the world people greet each other and celebrate with fireworks, by throwing parties, and by making resolutions for the coming year.