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How Great Cab Services Deliver Smiles

A working professional commuting from work, or for work, needs a comfortable transport service. The mode we choose to travel in depends on the distance, comfort, and cost. So while public transport is cheap and highly connected, it is time-consuming. Cabs and taxis provide the comfort of stretching one's legs in the back seat and the best feature is that drivers somehow know how to escape the worst traffic. That is always fantastic!

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Customer Experience as a Business Strategy

For enterprises, business does not end with creating products and being content at selling them. A great business strategy needs vision. An added bonus is excellent insight of customers and the markets which help a business succeed. Business requires more work than just randomly making sales pitches to customers.It is about finding the right customers and creating products and services for them. But where are these exclusive customers?

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A Call Center Solution that Delivers on its Promises

Advertisers love to promise fantastic features to products that make things like detergent seem equal to Superman. Obviously, this cannot be. Detergent of any kind will do what it does: wash clothes and try and remove stains as best as it can. No matter how hard advertisers try, Superman will not use detergent to defeat his enemies. So advertisers should focus on telling us what the product really and truly does without glossing over the facts.

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Understanding the Customer of 2014

There is no doubt that customers have moved on and become highly aware of the markets. This is not just in the local or regional sense, but on a global level. If a customer in Vietnam wants a carpet which he saw on a Turkish website, they can order it with a click, pay for it through any online payment services, and have it delivered to their doorstep within a few days. A Turkish carpet is of richer quality than what may be available locally and gives a sense of owning something exclusive. Both the customer and the vendor in Turkey are happy with the transaction. But what about the local carpet dealer?

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Tech Bamboo-Give it or Take it!

The first movie that came to my mind while starting this write-up was Band Baaja Baaraat not because I like that muscularly portrayed chocolate boy or I have a hidden love for his female counterpart, but because it exhibits the immense planning and the rambunctious nature of a true raring-to-go professional. And yes, as per my knowledge, organizing such an event did not require any application of mind and it was merely a task of coordination. But fortunately, my last assignment at work proved me wrong.

Have you lost customers because you put them on hold?

If yes, you are part of the major chunk of companies that have lost a fortune to customer attrition or defection. Businesses lose customers everyday by putting them on hold. Such a simple act can cost millions, maybe more to the business. How? Businesses are not aware of the hidden costs involved when they lose a customer, customer defection are big drivers of price compression which directly affects the profitability. Customers, in the words of renowned marketers, are to be treated as Kings, and they expect to be treated as such, and when the company asks them to be on hold they get frustrated. And when you try to waste something that is invaluable, TIME, they react. And how they react can be improbable. One unpleasant contact center experience can end up being a social disaster for the business by putting the companys reputation at stake, let alone losing the customer.

Topics: Customer Service