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A Flawless Customer Retention Strategy-I

Before getting into the strategy per se, you need to understand the importance of customer retention. Customer retention is a branch of customer loyalty, which is a never ending process. Customer retention refers to extending your service to existing customers, so that they remain your customers rather than taking their business elsewhere.

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Tips on Improving your Customer Experience

Experiences have become value propositions for every firm because every company struggles in delivering customers experience that hits the spot. And hitting the right spot has become a herculean task for many enterprises because of a myriad of customer touch points made available through the advent of technology advancements. Long gone are the days where customers judge the brand, product or the company from the price, performance or the quality of the product. We exist in an era where experience matters; experience is the quarterback of every company and will never cease being the Most Valuable Player. Like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, customers evaluate business relationships every time they touch the company. 

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5 Business Process Management Strategies for Contact Centers

Smooth operation of any business requires dedicated attention and constant innovation. Businesses operate on a tight budget and have to improve profitability and productivity. However, it is not easy and this is why smart businesses keep analyzing their progress on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Tracking the growth trajectory helps them focus on areas which need attention and immediate improvement. Meanwhile, departments that are doing well are given incentives to help them grow. Contact centers are like any other business. Therefore, a daily analysis of its transactions is important to its growth.

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How to Choose the Right Call Center Software

Today's market is filled with call center software providers that fight for your business. It is critical that you are not blinded by their sales pitches and fancy promises that they make, but be rational when choosing the call center software that is going to power your customer service.

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