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Like Gladiators- Get out There and Do It!!!

Last Friday when I wanted to attend a stand up comedy event and had to pre-book the tickets through bookmyshow, I came across a payment option of redeeming Payback points by entering your phone number. Not knowing anything about Payback points, I thought to give it a try only to realize I had enough points to also sponsor tickets for the other 2 friends attending the event. Believe it or not, this feeling was nothing less than cracking the JEE.

Power up Customer Service in Healthcare


Improving and leveraging on patient engagements has become a crucial element in the healthcare industry to keep up with the growing demand for quality services and meet transparency and legal compliance. An aging population requires the best of treatments, and would opt for such a center where they offer such treatments; but the quality and endurance of the treatment alone will not help the center. Along with the best healthcare facility provided, the center ought to provide efficient and effective customer service. Hence, healthcare providers are seeking ways to operate more efficiently without compromising on delivering high standards of patient care.

Topics: Customer Service

A Flawless Customer Retention Strategy-II

In our previous post we gave you a few statistics on customer retention and why it is critical for the survival of every business. Now we shall provide you with some strategies and tactics that will help you in retaining your customers irrespective of the industry you fall in:

Topics: Customer Service