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Personalized Customer Engagement: Getting Started

Personalized Customer Engagement: Getting Started
Personalized customer engagement is not a one-time occurrence, it is a course of improvement and advancement that requires a tenacious workforce and contact center infrastructure. Once you have a persistent workforce and infrastructure lined up, you can begin the journey of personalized customer engagement.

Topics: Customer Service

Gameplan for Agent Engagement


“The key to any organisation achieving excellent customer satisfaction is having systems in place that engage your staff in delivering unprecedented service and ongoing self-improvement”

Topics: Call Center Agents

Employing Six Sigma in Contact Centers

The essence of contact centers lies in quality control. Quality control has been about identifying and establishing performance metrics and measuring whether they were achieved during the normal course of operations. On the other hand, six sigma focuses on the defect rates and the methods to reduce them.

Topics: Call Center Software

How to Extinguish a Social Media Wildfire

Consumers are talking about companies and their experiences like never before. They wish to share their experiences with strangers that have an opinion. According to a recent survey, consumers that have a bad experience share it with 57 people, and if they have a good experience they will tell on average 42 people. This figure could be treated as a bare minimum. With the influx of social medias, consumers have been influenced to share their experiences at every stage, and each shared experience has the resource and competence to reach millions of consumers. This is the age of social medias.

Topics: Customer Service