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Greatest Source of Customer Insights- Complaints

Conflicting thoughts are an inevitable part of corporate life. It is necessary to bring them to the surface, because they could be a significant contributor to the organizational effectiveness. Once the organization is aware about the conflicts at hand, they could strategize their next plan of action to curb these conflicts from blowing up. However, due to certain apprehensions, these thoughts are seldom brought to the management’s notice. Corporate should ensure that such apprehensions are removed and complainants are protected. Protection of the complainant is equally critical, because certain complaints could have an unexpected aftermath for the complainant. Corporate should ensure the anonymity of the complainant is well protected and never be disclosed under any circumstances; this will also motivate customers in registering their accusation.

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Social Media Monitoring-Basics

A common social media issue for companies around the world is: if one of my customer posts something that requires immediate corporate response on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, will the message even be heard, or will it be buried in the overwhelming amount of posts online? Many companies face this issue and the lack of real-time visibility in social media interactions is a blind-spot in customer experience.

Demystifying Digital Channels with Call Center Software

Todays digital channels, especially social media and mobile technologies have dramatically changed the way consumers communicate, interact share and spread information. Proliferation of smartphones has a huge role to play for this transformation. But, while the public adores the emergence of new consumer technology, it can give customer experience executives a heartburn.

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