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Live Chat: A Powerful Tool, Not just a Widget

I think we can all agree on the fact that Live chat is a power tool for organizations. Not all, but organizations that strive to improve their customer experience. There are so many companies out there that solely depend on live chats to increase their level of customer support, minimize inbound calls for problem resolutions, customer assist, etc. But only a handful comprehends the leverage they can pull from ‘Live Chat’.

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5 Strategies to Achieve First Call Resolution

In our previous blog, we have discussed on the 5 Reasons You Should Aim for First Call Resolution. Now that we have ascertained that First Call Resolution (FCR) is a critical measure of customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency, we will move on to how exactly you can achieve an exceptional FCR strategy implemented.

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5 Reasons You Should Aim for First Call Resolution

A large number of organizations have heard about First Call Resolution (FCR), but only a handful of them truly understands the gravity of the term. It seems to be a peripheral concern for all organizations, regardless of its size, scale of operations, target market, etc. as they look for measures to improve call center efficiency and handle issues on the double.

Topics: Customer Service Call Center Software