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Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Multi-Channel Platforms in Real Estate


Real Estate is one industry which requires a lot of investment and if you do not reach out to maximum number of prospective customers, you will not be able to get those investments. Advertising through newspapers and media, and marketing through flyers and brochures may not be enough to reach out to people all over the world. That is why today you will find channels like digital marketing which has enabled lots of businesses to reach upto maximum number of consumers around the world. 

Ameyo Call Center Software Integration with Freshdesk

Ameyo, the all-in-one call center software developed to upgrade customer experiences at businesses of all sizes and of all verticals across the globe unveils its integration with Freshdesk to redefine customer interactions. Freshdesk cloud call center help desk software allows agents to easily deliver customer service and track issues to resolution.

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Why Insurance Firms Should Go Omni-Channel

The internet has provided its users, lots of ways to communicate. As such, they are given the option to use their preferred device to communicate with their favorite brand. Today’s consumers are omni-channel consumers - and they live in real-time context.

While it is easy to communicate with consumers through many channels, there is also an obligation on the part of businesses to be omnipresent on all channels. This is mandatory as today’s consumers expect real time responses. This applies to insurance firms too. If they want to communicate with today’s consumers, it is necessary have to adopt an omnichannel customer interaction management strategy.

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Customer Service in Real Estate can Set you Apart from Competition

Your product is not the sole reason for your profit; customer service has a huge role to play. This applies to real estate too. In fact, customer service is something that sets you apart in real estate. Real estate is one industry that requires customers to make huge investments and if you cannot make your customers comfortable, you can very much lose their business. Good customer service makes your customers feel that you understand their problems and are very much on their side. Such a feeling is what is required to make them take those big investment decisions, through which your business thrives.

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5 eCommerce Challenges and How to Overcome them

As an industry born out of the Internet revolution, the edges of using technology to fuel your operations are well known to you. And yet, there is a considerable share of e-commerce players that haven't completely used technology to top their game. The e-commerce industry has become so fierce, that surviving has become a matter of concern. With internet fostering the birth of many newcomers threatening reputed players, the need for differentiating on the basis of customer service experience has become as critical in modern times.
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