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Re-Architecting Your Contact Center

Did you know that two-thirds of your customers have hung up during service calls before their particular issues could be addressed? And a whopping 71% were extremely annoyed at not being able to reach out to a real person on the phone, while 56% were infuriated because they had to go through multiple phone loops to get the right information. Do these figures ring a bell? If you want to be in business, you need to evolve your process and re-architect your internal and external systems. The company that offers a positive customer experience will survive, while the rest will fade into oblivion.

Guidelines for building a Smart IVR

Building a Smart and Intelligent IVR is a complex procedure and requires great deal of understanding of the human psychology, business processes/domain, and customer life cycle. If you do this effectively, only then you will be able to anticipate a caller’s need and deliver a differentiated experience to the customers. The call flow design of an IVR has to be structured in a way to attain the desired outcome of providing excellent customer experience.

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Customer Engagement Solutions to Win Back Lost Customers

Ever wondered what is more cost efficient: customer acquisition or retention? And where should you focus your marketing budget? If the studies by The Harvard Business Review are to be believed, on an average, businesses lose 50% of their customers every five years and the impact of this is much higher than you might imagine.

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Role of Contact Centers in the Growth of SMEs

Did you know that despite the rapid growth of online customer service tools, 79% of consumers would prefer to contact a customer service center over the telephone? Plus, reaching out to courteous and well-informed representatives and getting your issues resolved on the first call can enhance your business performance manifold, while adding to its credibility. A dedicated contact center is the need of the hour for any SME looking to create a differential advantage for itself.

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Your Customers are Demanding Omni-Channel Communications. Are you Game?

Did you know that 89% of your customers can be retained with an omnichannel customer engagement strategy in place? This is in comparison to 33% of companies with weak Omni Channel strategies, says a recent studies by Aberdeen Group Inc. Customers today expect more. They seek seamless and consistent customer experience online. A survey conducted by Lordhouse on 7,000 customers across 7 countries shows that “67% of online shoppers have made purchases that involve multiple channels in the past 6 months.”

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Top Contact Center Trends for 2015

The popularity of work-at-home model led to a revolution in the call center technology. Hiring remote agents became a very profitable option both to the providers as well as the employees. This increased the choices for customer care providers in a remarkable way. Hiring remote agents reduced their overhead costs too. Also, the agents who worked availed jobs that offered flexible timings so that they could easily strike a balance between their work life and personal life.

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5 E-commerce Customer Experience Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Are you finding it difficult to retain existing customers? If yes, then maybe you have to change your customer service strategies. The right strategies, especially in E-commerce companies and even contact centers, can help you gain that competitive edge in the market. Not just this, but these strategies can also help you achieve greater customer satisfaction, increase your revenue and maximize the satisfaction of your employees too.

5 ways for Banks to Deliver Personalized Customer Service

Today’s customers expect banks to deliver personalized services and the banks need to deliver them, if they want to do well in their business. They will have to use both physical and virtual channels to deliver banking services as well as financial advice to their customers in the most convenient manner. The approach they need to follow should be a combination of cost-reduction as well as improved customer experience.

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Agent's Attitude- Plays a Major Role in Customer Service

Customer service is a critical factor for success in a contact center. The main job of a call center agent is to receive calls of the customers and provide an answer to their queries. As an agent, if you fail to attend to your customers or provide service, you will only be left with frustrated customers, who will walk away from you. The staff selection and training processes at most call centers concentrate on the knowledge, experience, efficiency and professionalism of the call center agents. However, there is one thing that matters most when it comes to providing a good customer experience, which is positive attitude.

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Providing Live Support Improves Customer Satisfaction in Insurance

Live support is one feature that you can find in most websites today. The main function of this feature is to provide a good online customer experience. In this world, where people love to chat with their friends more through instant messaging than phone calls or face-to-face meetings, live chat support happens to be a powerful tool. Insurance businesses can provide better customer service by utilizing live support feature.

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4 Most Familiar Call Center Problems You Must Avoid

Most customers consider it a pain to contact a call center. First of all, it takes quite a bit of time to reach the concerned person, since you have to select the right options. Moreover, things like call transfers and call waiting can add up to your frustration and waste your precious minutes. To top it all if the call center representative you get to talk to, doesn’t possess good communication skills, it could take a long time just getting your point across. If a contact center understands these problems, it might be in a better position to serve the customers.

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Enriching Mobile Customer Experience in E-commerce

People today are always on the go. They perform all their tasks through Smart Phones, be it paying bills, checking emails, communicating with people or even buying or selling things. This is why today’s customers are not just plain customers, but E-commerce Customers. In order to cater to their needs all businesses need to provide not just e-commerce services but also mobile apps for customers to perform transactions through their mobile phones. By meeting the expectations of customers, you will be able to provide better customer experience and through the latest contact center technology, you can even handle customer interaction management in the best possible manner.

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Turning Customer Service into Customer Collaboration

It is tough for businesses to survive in today’s market, especially with the kind of competition that is prevailing. Each one fights to prove that they are better than the rest - a rat race. Customer service is one thing most top businesses concentrate upon. They adopt the contact center software to communicate with customers and they find out different techniques to achieve success in customer experience management. They try and build long-term relationships with their customers. Everyone is into customer relationship management these days. However, the question is, is this enough to stay at the top?

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Excellent Customer Service Helps E-commerce Websites Reduce Product Returns

E-commerce is the way of business today, as people do not have the time to go to the stores in order to shop. This fact has led to the rise of many E-commerce websites that provide great deals on their products and services. Customer service is also one thing that all these websites focus upon. This is why they have free shipping facilities, easy return and refund policies and also 24/7 customer care. All customer calls are answered through the contact center technology, where people are well-experienced in customer engagement. A satisfied customer experience is what most of these websites guarantee, through their quality services.

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How Insurance Agents Can Build Long-term Customer Relationships

Customer Service
is the main pillar of strength in the business of insurance. Good relationships with your customers can help you reach any level of success, which is why customer relationship management or CRM has been given the utmost importance in every business, be it an insurance company or a call center. If you are an insurance agent, you should understand this thoroughly, because long-term relationships with your customers is the only thing that will earn you your commission and help you be in business for a long time.

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5 Helpful Tips to Improve Telephone Etiquette in Customer Service


Customer service is all about receiving calls from customers and attending to their queries and concerns in the best way possible. The success of customer service depends totally on the telephone etiquettes of the staff who receive these calls. This is why these staff members receive good amount of training to come up with the best way of handling calls. However, not all of them may achieve success in customer engagement.
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