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5 Ways to optimize Agent Idle Time in a Call Center

One of core KPIs for a contact center’s manager is to handle agent idle time. Contact center productivity suffers if some agents are sitting idle during high call volumes. You have to evaluate the situation quickly and identify the prime reasons behind agent idle time in your contact center.

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5 Customer Engagement Strategies to improve Retention

Customer engagement is one of the most important metrics for achieving customer success. In the digital era, where the customers have information and details on their fingertips, companies need to integrate a smart technology that can retrofit their old methods of customer interaction. Research shows that “customers who get an engaging and a positive customer experience are more likely to stay with the company.”

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Ameyo Showcasing its Technological Expertise at CeBIT-INDIA 2015, Bengaluru

Gurgaon, October 26, 2015: Ameyo, the leading contact center technology and software provider is excited to announce its participation in the most awaited world’s leading business IT and ICT event, CeBIT-India on 29-31 October 2015.

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How Quality Customer Service can Drive your Business Growth

Customer service is the key to maintaining good customer relations and growing a successful business.  When it comes to the business world, customer service is considered as the most important aspect for staying ahead of competition. Customer service should not be considered as an afterthought; rather it should be a priority for business of all types. A customer service rep with right set of skills understands the real meaning of assisting their customers throughout their buying journey.

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5 Customer Service Trends That Will Shape Our Future

Contact centers are following the trends for customer-centric culture these days. As in, the customer’s expectations are immensely soaring day by day. Eventually, the companies are also shifting their focus from product selling to customer satisfaction. They are implementing continuous improvements for better business performances. Contact centers are going for the latest technologies and tools to keep pace with the customer’s expectations. They cannot afford to lag behind their competitors. For survival, it is essential for the companies to remain in the trend and adapt only updated resources.

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Why Contact Centers should push for Stronger Customer Engagement [Infographic]

Contact centers these days are facing numerous challenges as customers expectations are soaring every day. The prospects are going digital and engaging with companies on multiple channels. They are seeking for faster resolutions and if their needs aren’t being met they will stop doing business with a company and hop over a competitor. According to a research study, 76% of customers have stopped doing business with a company following a bad customer experience.

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5 Best Practices for Call Center Agents to Build Strong Customer Rapport

“The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts, said James Cash Penney. In order to have higher customer satisfaction ratio, getting engaged with customers is a must thing to do. Companies that apply customer-centric approaches yield higher sales. Adapting this culture means building exceptional rapport with your customers. It is all about creating a comfortable state where your client can speak to you clearly and comfortably.

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Secrets to Power up your B2B Customer Onboarding Process [Infographic]

There is no debate on the critical importance of customer onboarding. Customer onboarding is as important, or maybe more than the sales process. The Sale is merely a beginning. But what defines an onboarded customer? If you ask companies what customer onboarding is, chances are you will receive different answers. Some define onboarding as a technical or functional dissemination, some equate it to value delivery, and some define it as when the customer has achieved initial success from your solution. 

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6 Best Practices in Quality Monitoring for Call Centers

Customer experience management is of prime importance for all call centers. The customers come to a conclusion whether to continue doing business with that company or switch to a competition based on how their interactions are managed. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to adopt best practices to focus on customer retention and manage effective interactions.

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Ameyo Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Customer Value Enhancement Award

Gurgaon, October 12, 2015: Ameyo, a leading contact center technology and customer experience expert with practice leadership in more than twelve industry verticals, has been presented the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Contact Center Applications Customer Value Enhancement Award.

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Best Practices to Monitor Customer Churn Rate [Infographic]

Customer churn rate is considered as a growth decelerator and has a direct impact on customer lifetime value and growth of the business. Measuring customer retention rate can help in increasing customer satisfaction score and building customer relationships, but what can be really done for improving the customer churn?

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5 Best Practices for Call Center Management

Adapting best practices in a call center has become a matter of strategic importance for organizations. However, they do not bring in revenue directly; they do contribute to the company’s goals in many valuable ways, most notably in fortifying the company’s brand and in increasing customer loyalty.

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