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Call Center Bloopers Which Drive Your Customers Insane!

I really haven’t met anyone who can admit to getting off the phone with a call center agent and saying, “I really enjoyed that.” The primary reason being, that every time a customer calls you up, it is due to some issues or concerns. Moreover, if you mistreat or them try to pitch them unnecessary products and services, it will drive them insane!

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5 Customer Service Strategies to Better Serve Millennials

Do you greet your customers by their name?

Are you receiving complaints on social media?

Technology advancements are creating new ways for businesses to provide outstanding customer service not possible before. Previously a customer service agent never used to address customers by their names but now Millennials expect the agent to know their details well in advance and address them by their very first or last name.

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How to Choose Best Customer Support Solution at the first go [Infographic]

Companies usually face situations where they sense an increasing need for support solutions for their contact center. However, selecting one that can meet all your needs can be a daunting and perplexing task. With almost endless solutions available in the market, how can you find out which one suits your needs the most?

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5 Factors to Consider in Assessing your Inbound Call Center Software


Is your inbound call center relying heavily on your software solution? Have you encountered instances where your software failed and caused inconveniences to your business operation?

If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time to evaluate your current software’s capabilities and maybe consider making an upgrade too.

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Customer Experience Management - A Complete Solution For Brand Building

When a customer gets associated with your business, their transaction isn’t just about paying for a service and walking out. There is certainly more to this relationship.

Customer experience management’ is one such parameter, which optimizes interactions from the customer’s perspective and as a result, fosters customer loyalty.

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7 Tips To Reduce Customer Escalations

Every call center agent has this one nightmare - ''I want to speak with your manager.'' Sounds familiar? Well, customer escalations take away the essence of great customer experience for everyone. Customers can be demanding and might tactfully use escalations to get faster resolutions and quick attention. This makes situations messy for a number of people. 

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Meet the Millennials aka The New Gen Call Center Agents

Meet the Millennials, also known as Gen Y, Next Gen, Echo Boomers, the Baby-On-board Generation, Screenagers, Facebookers and many more. Whatever you choose to call them, they are nearly 98 million young adults born between 1980 and 2001 who have already joined or are preparing to join the workforce.

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Industries that receive maximum Customer Service Complaints [Infographic]

Social media is at a peak and will only continue to rise. Integrating social media with any business is highly important for its success and growth.

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How to Redefine Telecom Customer Service with Contact Center Tech

There is no doubt that the telecom industry is expanding. However, its expansion also means that the average number of customers being a part of their business cycle and the overall customer churn rate is also on the rise, which makes telecom customer service a top-notch priority.

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Contact Center in Retail: Your Code to Bust Common Challenges

With the evolution of buyers behavior, the retail industry has experienced a drastic change. Customers of the digital age need more than comfort to stick to a brand. Customers are continuously being exposed to new and innovative retail experiences which is urging them to search for new service providers. In order to stay ahead of competition, retailers must use proactive methods and techniques for connecting with customers.

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Seven Must Have Customer Service Skills

Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. A famous anonymous quote which accurately sums up the gist of excellent customer service skills.

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Advantages of Flexible IP-Based Contact Center Software

Call centers are increasingly becoming dependent on the performance of technology for their efficient and speedy operation. Consequently, the dominance of software is becoming very apparent in the entire process. It has been repeatedly experienced that improved software leads to an improved call center performance.

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Al Ansari deploys Ameyo Contact Center Technology to streamline Customer Support

Gurgaon, January 11, 2016: Ameyo, the leading contact center technology and service provider is delighted to announce that Al Ansari Exchange has deployed its customer support services to meet its growing customer demands.

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This is what Social Media Integration can do to Contact Centers [Infographic]

Don Schultz once said, ”Social media creates communities, not markets.” Businesses today are also living up to this fact and using social media to create personalized relationships with their customers.

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Setting up Call Recording? Time to Consider these Laws

Call recording is a usual practice for call centers. If your call center is driving revenues through customer satisfaction then call recording is one of most viable options.

How to Deal with Irate Customers on Social Media

Only yesterday, one of my close contacts went berserk on Facebook with the way a leading e-commerce giant has been treating him and his orders. Needless to say, he had enough reasons to go mad.

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Save your Call Center from being Killed by Customer on Hold

There can be a lot of myths staggering around the do’s and the don’ts while providing excellent customer service. However, there’s one known fact- No customer, the one who is calling you for the first time or if he is a regular caller, likes to be on hold. Period.

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