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How Virtual Reality will give Customer Experience a Facelift

Those of us, who have been exposed to Virtual Reality, can reject the absolute wonder that this technology is. By changing the way we share and experience almost everything, it is touted to generate mass consumer revenues from software platforms and delivery services, television, gaming, and distribution channels. In more ways than imaginable, customer experience can surely be altered for the better, with the onset of VR.

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5 Contact Center Benefits of Customer Lifetime Value


The perception of what a contact center is designed to do has changed with the focal point on improving customer experiences and generating revenues. It is not about saving the company some money or about delivering customer service. It is about cultivating the assets or your customers and conserving them.

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Why Call Back Beats Putting Customers on Hold, Hands Down!

It can be safely said that we have entered an age where almost everyone we know is in a perennial state of haste. Haste to get work done, haste to get problems sorted, and haste to get the most from life. With such an approach, it has become mandatory to provide exceptional customer service in the shortest span of time possible.

To be true, Millennials absolutely loathe waiting in queues to get their concerns addressed, and this means putting customers on hold is a bad, bad idea in contemporary times. This can be substantiated with the fact that many recent surveys state almost 3/4th of customers prefer a call back rather than being on hold. Moreover, it has been proven to lower abandon rates considerably by over 30%. Now, who in the right mind won’t love these figures!

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7 Quotes That Will Make Call Center Agents Strive For More

There can never be enough money and enough happiness, and if you are working professional, there cannot be enough 'Motivation' you need from time to time. 

Motivation is a tricky word. It can set a lazy person on the right course and it's lack can lead the brightest person off shore. No matter in which profession you are, there are days when your motivation levels are at an all time low. You cannot just get to face your work desk and improvise upon your targets and unlock sales. This is okay. It happens. The remedy my friend is - to keep your motivation levels up and high.

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4 Ways Big Data Potential Can Detangle Customer Service Conundrums


The most happening thing in the world of technology – ‘Big Data’ is emerging as a business opportunity and providing solutions to some of the toughest challenges faced in the business realm. Data-driven solutions stemming out of the big data world are enabling businesses to react to the radical and sudden fluctuations in the market instantly. However, attaining such resiliency is not a layman’s job.

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5 Motivational Videos To Boost Your Customer Service Efficiency

Has it been a long time since you have been doing your 9 - 5 job and following the same drab routine? Do you feel there's a constant dip in your motivation and your inner self isn't thriving? Well, this happens with even the best of us who is a part of the corporate setup. 

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StartMySafari Ltd boosts their Business Performance by Deploying Ameyo Contact Center Solution

Gurgaon, 22nd March, 2016: Omnichannel Customer Experience and Contact Center Technology expert Ameyo, is pleased to announce that StartMySafari Limited, first of its kind bus ticketing platform in East Africa has selected the Ameyo Customer Engagement Platform to help deliver superior customer service.

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What you should know about Contact Center Benchmarking

Contact centers have enormously evolved over the past few decades and have become the game changer for businesses. In today’s economy, it is of utmost importance for organizations to fight for a stronger customer base by meeting the demand for new channels. Thus, in the stride to achieve desired goals, organizations have been deploying the fastest and lowest-cost solution. But the true cost of this approach has now begun to deteriorate.

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The ‘Element X’ of Customer Service to Garner Happy Customers

A lot has been said and heard on the importance of customer retention. And, it is something which you can only aim to have if you prioritise your customers and put in serious efforts to make them happy.

But wait, that is not all. There’s more to having happy customers. If you remember that famous animated series - ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, you would also know the importance of ‘Element X’. This was the secret ingredient which made Powerpuff girls so righteous and strong. Similarly in customer service, there is an ‘Element X’ which is the secret ingredient while formulating your perfect recipe for getting happy customers.

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Will E-Commerce & Customer Service mean Shopping’s Sad Demise?

There’s this very famous saying which all e-commerce enthusiasts - entrepreneurs, business owners and managers are mostly aware of – “In future if you have to buy bananas, you need not go to the grocery store, you can go to a virtual jungle online and pick them off a e-tree.” If you can relate with this statement, you know what the future holds for us!

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Customer Experience Statistics Which Will Impact Your Business in 2016

Statistics are the building blocks for strategy formulation. In any organisation, the work efficiency is directly dependant on its underlying strategy. If your strategy is solid, your statistics will demonstrate it enthusiastically. This is the general industry gyan. It is valid and rational for all industries. However, if we consider call centers – an industry which is extremely customer centric, the strategy and statistics will also revolve around your kings and queens.

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Will Chat and Messaging soon take over Phone in Customer Service?

If you want to have something, gain new heights like you have never had, you need to do something you have never done. This is a simple statement, yet too dynamic to implement. And if you look closely, you will truly appreciate it. If we talk about having ‘happy customers’, we simply cannot undermine the importance of giving them great service.

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5 Tips to Follow to Ace in the Game of Customer Loyalty

One question you should always ask yourself as a brand manager is - Have your customers been loyal to your brand?

Customer loyalty is an age-old problem, right from the inception of companies and brands. If you have problems in gaining customers who stay loyal, you know for sure it’s time to revamp the existing customer service strategies. Customer loyalty can only be earned not given, and is a dream for many organizations.

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Why Call Centers & Phone Support are far from Being Dead [Infographic]

“I hate talking to call center executives”; “Can’t I just get my work done without interacting with contact center reps?” These are some of the most common statements you are likely to hear from irate customers around the world.

Moreover, the average cost of an inbound call is $5.90. Multiply this amount with around 45 billion calls, (yes, that’s the number of calls made by call centers per year) and there you go – billions of money spent on calls! So, have you given a fair bit of thought – Why call centers and phone support still exist in this world?

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India's leading Job Portal chooses Ameyo to drive their Recruitment Center Operations

Gurgaon, March 10, 2016:  Ameyo, the market leader in contact center technology and omnichannel customer experience, today announced that MeraJob.in, India’s 1st Job Matching Portal has significantly expanded Ameyo deployment at their facilities, to empower their Recruitment Center.

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What if Your Worst Customer Service Nightmares Were True?

The only thing worse than losing your employees after training them is not training them and keeping them. This is perhaps the most cliched statement you will ever come across said by any call center manager. Isn’t it? Yes, it is.

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Women Workforce - In ‘Her’ Shoes

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.” – Susan B. Anthon

How Technology is Elevating Customer Experience in Cab Services

“Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt.” - Brian Solis

The quote clearly signifies the importance of adapting to the digital aura.  Over the time, organizations who have understood the value of digitalization have remained to be competitive and relevant. Customer experience has been described as the heart of digital transformation. However, with limited resources, it's difficult for organizations to set a digital vision and strategy to engage right people in right place  for measuring digital success.

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7 Power Customer Service Phrases to Pacify Irate Customers

The present day working professional’s life can be summed up in three words - ‘always caught up’. Whether it is work or life as we know it, Millennials are always running out of time and apparently are in an eternal quest to get the most out of everything.

However, in an unending struggle to ‘gobble up more than you can chew’, we often end up on the wrong side of things, which results in us being angry, irate and frustrated. And god save customer service reps if they happen to call/receive a call from customers when they are already infuriated or get enraged during the call.

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