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What the Future of Customer Experience will Look Like

Customer Experience (CX) has traversed quite the distance - from being a buzzword, to being one the most imperative integral parts of almost all business strategies.

The enormous relevance of customer experience has been substantiated by Forrester Research. A study by the firm states that CX assumed the numero uno status in the priority list for business and technology leaders in 2015. Moreover, it stands tall as a critical success factor for all enterprises in 2016.

Now, a lot has been said and written on customer experience and why it is important for all businesses to include it in their policies. Frankly, this blog post is not going to emphasize on the importance of customer experience.

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5 Easy Ways to Better Customer Engagement for Millennials

By 2030, almost 75% of the working population worldwide would comprise of millennials. One cannot undermine the role they have to play, and act as a catalyst to foster economic growth. Going by this, it becomes imperative that you should value customer engagement.

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7 Ways to Build a Customer-Friendly Contact Center

Companies build contact centers to take care of their customers- to retain the customers they have and acquire new customers to grow their company. Undoubtedly, customer service is the king in a contact center which helps a company achieve the desired bottom line and profit margin. When customers calls are left on hold, kept in a call queue for long, transferred to multiple agents and propelled to provide the basic information again and again, your organization is not only wastes their valuable time but also risks driving apart key customers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in Logistics Industry [FREE Ebook]

The era of digitalization has terraformed multiple ways how logistics providers are operating these days. Today, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and consumers are all linked to each other through digital communication and that is the reason we are witnessing a massive shift towards E-Logistics.

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All about First Response Time and How to Reduce it

What Exactly is First Response Time?
First response time is the most critical metric of great customer service. It is the time in which the customers receive the first response from the customer service agent after they submit a query.

While the other skills hold equal importance in place, providing response to customers in the shortest span of time is considered as one of the most essential skills. It especially works out for businesses where the long waiting time is resulting into higher customer frustration and increased churn rate.

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5 Dubious Myths About Customer Experience Debunked

There’s a famous quote from Joseph Camphell which goes -  “Myths are public dreams and dreams are private myths.” But why are we talking about myths and dreams? This is supposed to be a blog on customer experience and around customer service. Isn’t it?

Yes. This is exactly what I aim to cover in this blog post.

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Ameyo Brings Home the Contact Center Technology Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Ameyo honored for improving customer service technology and improving the customer experience

Gurgaon, September 21st, 2016: Ameyo, a leading contact center technology and customer experience expert with practice leadership in more than twelve industry verticals, today announced that TMC, a global integrated media company, has named Ameyo as a 2016 Contact Center Technology Award winner, presented by CUSTOMER magazine. This is the fifth consecutive year in which Ameyo has received the Customer Contact Center Technology Award.

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Customer Acquisition Vs. Customer Retention - A Detailed Analysis [Infographic]

If you are working in a service industry or have market inclination, you would agree with me that most organisations prefer customer retention over acquiring new customer. If you are wondering what makes them go after customer retention vs. customer acquisition, there are many parameters involved. The biggest factor which stands out here is the ‘cost factor’.

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5 Perfect Customer Acquisition Strategies that will save you Big Bucks!

For any business, losing customers is similar to losing a good old best friend or parting ways with a long time girlfriend... ah the heartbreak!

Ok, I might have gone overboard with the comparison, but irrefutably, retaining customers is long shot for all businesses hoping to earn a good brand name and stifle competition.

Last I heard was that the cost to acquire a new customer is almost 5 times more, than to retain a present customer. This got me thinking – most firms might be getting it wrong. They are extremely focused on customer retention, and therefore almost completely miss the larger picture.

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Don't Ignore App Feedback while boosting Customer Engagement

If you are working in a service industry, where you have to interact with customers on a daily basis, listen to their rants, issues, complaints, feedback, suggestions, inputs and sometimes short life stories too - you would agree with me that 7 out of 10 calls you attend, don’t go really that good.

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Team Ameyo travelled 25,000 Kms in 1 week to spread awareness around Customer Engagement for Businesses

We have been doing our fair share in turning every stone towards success by engaging readers through subject matter around contact center, customer service, technology, customer engagement, industry challenges, and others. However, we have not been very vocal about our success stories, at various industry events for different geographies.

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The Ultimate Guide to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center [Free Ebook]

To cater to the demands of today’s informed and tech-savvy customers, it’s crucial for companies to offer a world-class customer service at all touch points. As customer expectations have risen manifold, brands must focus on creating differentiated customer experience to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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Why Insurance needs Omnichannel Customer Experience at the earliest

Customer experience is the new battlefield for organizations talking about creating seamless customer journeys. When it comes to the insurance sector, studies have reported record-breaking drops in customer satisfaction level. Insurance companies have lately realised that customer experience is now one of the most important factors for staying ahead in a highly competitive market.

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Transitioning from a Legacy Contact Center - Do it. Now.

Decision making is a tough process. It requires wit, presence of mind and a state of total awareness, as Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would say - ‘Unagi’.  This is just not a complicated truth, but a huge lesson, even when it comes to doing business.

In this age of digitization and with almost everything being operated with a single touch of technology, I think it is time that you start evaluating your options and plan accordingly to make that shift from your legacy contact center to a rather modern and an omnichannel customer experience oriented approach.

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Ameyo to Display its Powerful Omnichannel Solution at eCommerce Show Philippines 2016

Ameyo, the leading provider of contact center software in APAC, has launched omnichannel customer support solution for the growing Philippines market. Ameyo is the market leader in Omnichannel customer experience and is the only contact center platform built from scratch that allows businesses to innovate and proactively nurtures customers throughout their journey. The solution is due to be out in the market and is available for live demos at the upcoming eCommerce show to be held at SMX convention center, Philippines from 6th-7th september, 2016.

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8 Top Customer Experience Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

Undoubtedly, delivering superior customer experience has become vital to growing sales and revenues of a company and this year (2016) has brought more challenges due to increase in customer expectations. Price or features of the product are no longer the critical factors that drive customers engagement. So, it’s time for you to recreate your winning strategy to lure customers and retain them.

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