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API (Application Programming Interface) 101 for Customer Experience

“You have got to start with customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around.”

Ok, no prizes for any guesses that this was once remarked by Steve Jobs. Now that almost all brands have realised the true importance of customer experience to foster their all inclusive growth, the primary challenge remains in creating and integrating evolved technologies.

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How Emotions Play a Vital Role to Fuel Customer Loyalty

‘Customer loyalty’ is one of the most sought after trait almost all contact center managers desperately want to have after they acquire customers. But what makes it such a desirable improvement parameter also makes it a tough nut to crack.

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Why Do We Definitely Need Contact Centers [Infographic]

More than anything else, waiting kills. This is one of the biggest reasons why your customers don’t like calling in contact centers. Those lengthy waiting times, mazes of menus, lack of contact center agent’s proactivity and complex feedback systems.
But still telephony in contact centers continue to remain the most preferred and reliable option to seek customer support. The comfort of the fact that there’s another human being trying to help you out with a query or is offering advice to resolve some issue, is often what customers exactly seek.

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5 Common Omnichannel Customer Service Mistakes that you Must Avoid

Customers do not distinguish between channels while reaching out to a company. They simply want to find the solution to their issues and answers to their questions no matter which channel they choose to engage with you. Be it mobile, voice, text message, chat or social media, customers expect to have a flawless experience. They might start a conversation on one and continue on another and do not wish to repeat the information already provided, thus blurring the lines between channels.

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5 Dumbest Things Call Center Agents do to Irk Customers

Calling has always been an integral part of a contact center, and unsurprisingly call center agents take center stage in any call center. This is one undeviating fact that is not going to change, irrespective of the advancements in technology.

In precise words, call center agents are the face of customer service for any firm, and many decisions made by customers are influenced with the manner agents handles calls. Therefore, it is no biggy that they are the ones who sway significant bucks for businesses.

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5 Key Advantages of Universal Queue in Call Center

Omniqueue or universal queue is an ever widening concept in the contact center space. With the increase in customers expectations organizations have increased the channels of interaction but at times it becomes difficult for agents to switch between different interfaces for handling multiple channels.

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Your Guide for Unlocking the Right Answers to Customer Experience

Another glorious week has passed and I sincerely hope that your knowledge about customer services and customer experience has gained momentum. If you have had the chance to take this quiz, you would have dwelled a bit deeper in this tricky world of customer services and how to enhance your customer’s experience.

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The Startup Handbook to Effective Customer Service and Sales [Free Ebook]

The culture of founding new companies has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Undoubtedly, startups have changed the face of business and technology globally. We have witnessed many startups hitting it big and making their presence felt on a global level. However, at the same time, countless startups have not been able to survive and fail within no time.

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Top Call Center Performance Trends you need to know in 2017

Keeping customers at the heart of your core business strategy should be the goal of organizations aiming towards providing an extraordinary experience to their customers. In order to offer superior customer service, organizations have been measuring their call center performance based on different parameters or on some key metrics that are essential for sustaining in this competitive environment.

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Think You're Cut Out For Doing Customer Experience? Take This Quiz

‘Customer service experience’ has been and will always be a top-notch parameter for your customers to either pick you or your competitor, in any industry. And this statement is especially true if you are working for, or in a contact center or a call center.

The way you treat your customers, is exactly how they will treat your brand. It is a simple give and take relationship, where you offer them 100% and get your fair share in the bargain.

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7 Popular Contact Center Misconceptions And the Truth About Them

“Misunderstanding is generally simpler than true understanding, and hence has more potential for popularity.” Raheel Farooq

Call centers and contact centers usually have a cloudy image in most of our heads. We either think of contact center reps as lowly reps, who don’t give a damn about customer service - someone working odd hours, smoking cigarettes while talking about in-call frustrations, else we mistake them for people who they actually are not. And, it is often ‘the people’ who make a working space productive; a top-notch go to office and much more.

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The Six Laws of Customer Experience [Infographic]

It is critical for every customer-driven organization to focus on customer experience to stay ahead in the competition. The six laws of customer experience are fabricated to empower highly effective customer service efforts. These will help a company to take smarter and intelligent decisions on how to treat its customers and how to drive sustainable improvements. In order to improve customer experience, organizations must understand and comply with these underlying realities.

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5 Top Customer Service Trends Driving Growth in Contact Centers

The ever-evolving dynamics of the technological landscape is not unfamiliar anymore for most people in this planet. Almost everyone has been influenced by the massive and speedy changes in technology some way or the other.

As a result, the way people chose to interact has also undergone drastic changes over the past few years, and this has overhauled customer service in more ways than describable.

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Why You Should Pay Heed to Customer Journey to Better Customer Experience?

Most organizations are good at collecting data. But often this data collected, lacks to show the actual emotions and true customer experience.  You can gather true insights and know more about your average buyers or customers with detailed analysis and some insights on customer journey.

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Will Robots be the God of Customer Service in the years to come?

Waiting in queue for long time or getting immediate assistance online.
Which one is a convenient option for you being a loyal customer to a brand.
Obviously, immediate response to query is what customers of new generation seek for. If we talk about quick resolution, there arrives the need for superior and extraordinary service. But, with the advancement in market place more focus is being paid to the intelligence and science behind smart technologies.

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How Contact Center Technology is Revolutionizing the Car Rental Industry

The car rental industry took in around $27 million in revenue last year. With a million-dollar increase over 2014, the rental industry is expanding as more and more Americans are hitting the open road and traveling for work and leisure. So, as rental companies and startups reach beyond their existing customer bases, customer experience management software is also revolutionizing the way that agents and other professionals are servicing travelers nationwide. 

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