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Why Emotional Quotient Trumps IQ in Customer Engagement

“There is within the human heart a quality of intelligence which has been known to surpass that attributed to the human mind.” -  Aberjhani

No, this is not a blog that is meant to cope up with an emotional heartbreak. However, today we are going to make a sincere attempt to simplify why emotional quotient can’t be discounted, in an attempt to drive superior customer engagement in present times.

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4 Tools Everyone In The Customer Experience Industry Should Be Using

In the recent times, organizations have truly realized the importance of providing exemplary customer experience to shape their brand’s image. Customer experience has gained a bombarding attention and the reason is obvious. As organizations are looking to conquer the competition, it is  more than necessary for them to put customer at the center. Thus to improve the overall customer experience, it is quite important to optimize your business process and functions as per customers.

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Stroll Down Memory Lane - The History of Customer Service

Do you remember your parents or grandparents fretting over the fact that a product they recently purchased isn’t working fine and they have no idea how to go about the replacement process? The only logical way out use to be, to redirect the product back to the seller, which meant long travel itineraries, waiting for days to hear back from him and then going all the way back to recollect.

I remember how tiring customer service process use to be.

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Hop in to the Future of Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

What’s your initial perception when you hear about Artificial Intelligence?
I think, I can read your mind. So, you imagine a complete digital aura around you with robots taking over everything or may be something like that. May be in future you can see that too but in present what I am talking is how Artificial Intelligence can drive amazing customer experiences. Let us begin by understanding what artificial intelligence actually is and how can it be adopted to better serve the customers.

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9 Things that are Required to Please Your Customers

Any business success is definitely dependent on customers. Thus it is just fair and a must, that you do what it takes to ensure that you please your customers. You should never take customers for granted.

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Most Promising Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategies and Trends [Infographic]

The modern day setup of customer services is more dynamic than what it was back in the 80’s. Your customers are more digitally aware and have immense presence over the world wide wide. They have a flair for social connections and keep up pretty well with latest emerging trends. Now, if they have such want to be connected globally, you as their service provider, cannot really take digitization for granted. Can you?

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3 Top Reasons Live Chat Makes Your Contact Center More Resourceful

The new age customer has a very short attention span, and even lesser patience.

Now, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you under present conditions, where the world is dictated by breakneck internet speeds and swelling mobile data usage. However, if your business still relies only on conventional mediums of interaction with customers, I must tell you that it might cease to exist.

This is exactly the reason why all contact centers need Live Chat.

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5 Ways to Enhance First Call Resolution

All contact center reps and managers understand the importance of metrics and TLAs (three letter acronyms). Among them, ‘FCR or first call resolution’ is what matters the most, as it is one such term which can be a true measure of efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction quota, all at once.

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How to Transform your Business with Digital Customer Service

Customers today are paying heed to their most preferred channels of communication. With the growth and advancement in technology, having a well established platform for conveying your brand message to the target audience is a must.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid while Integrating Customer Journey into E-Commerce

Don’t run off into the sunset with an e-commerce idea and forget that your online store is actually meant to serve your customers’ journeys - not yours. Here is how to go about building an online store that puts the customer journey at the heart of your store.

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Age of Omnichannel: 4 Mediums Customers Prefer Most These Days

“This is my world, my world!”

These were the legendary words of Agent Smith, before he had come, flying at Neo in the Hollywood blockbuster - The Matrix. This movie raised a lot of eyebrows, but more than that it raised a lot of questions on reality, with its conclusive logic.

Fast forward more than 15 years, and a similar phenomenon is being observed in the customer service landscape, in the form of - Omnichannel mode of communication

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5 Benefits of Using Call Disposition Codes in Contact Centers

Contact centers always take care to equip their employees with adequate software and related tools in order to help them excel at their job. However, when it is time to look for a new software solution for contact centers, many do not consider call disposition codes as part of the list of high-priority software features. This can turn out to be an expensive oversight and can easily impact the productivity, efficiency, and customer service quality of the contact center.

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Ameyo Brings Home the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Customer Contact Infrastructure Price / Performance Value Leadership Award

Ameyo is an all-in-one software based communication solution that manages end-to-end customer journeys and consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences, has bagged the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Contact Center Infrastructure Price/Performance Value Leadership Award.

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9 Deadly Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service and What to Say Instead [Infographic]

In order to provide great customer experience, it’s critical to know just what to say to customers and the best way to say it. Customer service reps often say things or use phrases that make the customers angry and annoyed. Most of the employees probably never even realize that they didn’t treat the customers well and have offended them.  Sometimes they make certain statements out of ignorance and not say things deliberately. And the worst part is that most customers are not going to tell you that were offended by what was said to them. They will just be displeased and might not come back again.

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Why Contact Centers can Race Ahead with Predictive Analytics

In a world that is dictated by breakneck internet and uber-fast smartphones, proactive behaviour is the word of the year, rather than conformist reactive actions.

These days, people have an unfathomable craving to get things done fast, and I don’t at all mean ‘swift’. The yearning is to do something before anything concrete happens.

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3 Ways IoT Supplements Better Customer Experience

Kevin Ashton once remarked -“The internet of things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.” This quote talk volumes about the benefits Internet of Things (IoT) can bring to this world in this digital age.

Interconnected devices with millions of end points have created a space where customers, clients, and business partners can interact more efficiently. The convergence of these interconnected devices, wireless technologies, and micro-systems, has led to the emergence of Internet of Things.

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Clutched with Spikes in Call Volume: Manage it Now

I absolutely understand your problem Mr. X/ Ms. Y and I can certainly help you.
What I will do for you right away is raise a ticket, provide you with the reference number and try my best to get your problem resolved by the evening.
Rest assured Mr. X/Ms. Y, we are there for you and everything is now under control.

How amazing do you feel when you hear such beautiful combination of words from a call center agent? Without bashing or shouting on any call center agent you are able to get your problem resolved or at least able to get it processed for getting it fixed.

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How to Calculate Cost per Call in a Contact Center

Contact centers act as an effective route to add value to your business. But running a call center involves various overheads. The most obvious expense of making a call center run is employee wages. But there are also other associated costs involved that must be considered, such as the expense involved in making calls to customers. 

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