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Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander is a Regional Associate Director at Ameyo. Over the past decade, Sam has honed his business communication skills working as an senior technology consultant and business analyst. He is a proponent of utilizing technology to optimize contact center operations and processes.

Recent Posts by Sam Alexander:

3 Great Ways WebRTC can benefit IT Infrastructure

A lot of buzz has been witnessed these days around WebRTC and its relevance in contact centers. However, only a handful knows how WebRTC can actually help contact centers.

In concise words, Web RTC or Web Real Time Communication gives the ability to your contact center agents to communicate via voice and video with your customers via a browser. Web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla already support WebRTC, while Microsoft edge and Mac Safari should be able to support it in the near future.

Topics: Call Center Agents Call Center Software customer experience

Is CRM a Contact Center Software?

To answer the Question, NO, CRM is not a Contact Center Software. More than 80% of people in Contact Center Industry assume that CRM and the Contact Center Software is same. Let’s see what is  CRM and a Contact Center Software and how they work together to create “WOW” experiences to your customers and to your agents.

Topics: Call Center Software

Quick Tips: How Not to Annoy your Customers with a Predictive Dialer

We all know that predictive dialing can enhance an agent’s productivity by 150% to 400%. But there is a hesitation in certain pockets of the industry to use this technology because a predictive dialer brings in high call drops, meaning the customers pick up the call but the system does not have any free agent to connect the call. This results in call drop which makes the customer furious .......!!!  You would not want to call the customer the same day as you might hear “DO NOT CALL ME” or “TAKE ME OUT OF YOUR LIST”.  Effectively this means you lost a sale just because your technology which should have helped you make the sale did the opposite by annoying your customer.  

Topics: Predictive Dialer Customer Service

Quick Tips: How to Reduce Call Abandonment Rates


It should come as no surprise that call abandonment rates is on the rise, as call centers are being asked to do more with less, while facing increasing call volumes. At one of my free consulting sessions with a contact center manager, he asked me what can be a solution to reduce abandoned calls - a situation where there are multiple calls waiting to be answered by agents in the queue,  the customers gets impatient and drops off. A high call abandonment rate is a sure sign of customer frustration. This can be a serious turn off for your customers and digs holes into the SLA of your contact center.

Topics: Customer Service Call Center Software