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Shaista Haque

Shaista Haque

Content Marketing Specialist- Shaista is a marketing enthusiast and works in the customer engagement solutions industry. She is extremely passionate about sales technologies and latest trends that impacts the industry.

Recent Posts by Shaista Haque:

Top 5 Customer Experience Trends that will Rule the Roost in 2017

The term customer experience has lost its essence with industries focusing more towards profits. We all are aware of the fact that number of interactions with the customer facing department has tremendously increased due to lags in the services. This has become a traumatising situation for the customers as they are the one who ultimately have to bear the consequences.

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How Customer Retention Strategies can Increase your Brand Loyalty [Infographic]

So what can be the topmost priority for a business?

Is it a lead, your sales reps are running after or current customers, your reps might be avoiding to chase new leads?

When we talk about profits, the first thing that hits our mind is the more number of prospects in our pipeline. You might be an expert in acquiring leads but with time it is very much necessary to nurture bond with customers. Fetching new leads is the best way to boost your market share but delighting your existing customers will not only help you build loyal customers but in turn provide you brand advocates.

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Foolproof Customer Engagement Strategies for 2017

Customer Engagement provides crucial information to the management that influences important business decisions such as pricing and marketing strategies.Customer engagement is vital to the business’success as every business thrives on customer satisfaction. Businesses that succeed in exceeding customer’s expectations sustain longer in the market.

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4 Tools Everyone In The Customer Experience Industry Should Be Using

In the recent times, organizations have truly realized the importance of providing exemplary customer experience to shape their brand’s image. Customer experience has gained a bombarding attention and the reason is obvious. As organizations are looking to conquer the competition, it is  more than necessary for them to put customer at the center. Thus to improve the overall customer experience, it is quite important to optimize your business process and functions as per customers.

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Hop in to the Future of Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

What’s your initial perception when you hear about Artificial Intelligence?
I think, I can read your mind. So, you imagine a complete digital aura around you with robots taking over everything or may be something like that. May be in future you can see that too but in present what I am talking is how Artificial Intelligence can drive amazing customer experiences. Let us begin by understanding what artificial intelligence actually is and how can it be adopted to better serve the customers.

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How to Transform your Business with Digital Customer Service

Customers today are paying heed to their most preferred channels of communication. With the growth and advancement in technology, having a well established platform for conveying your brand message to the target audience is a must.

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Clutched with Spikes in Call Volume: Manage it Now

I absolutely understand your problem Mr. X/ Ms. Y and I can certainly help you.
What I will do for you right away is raise a ticket, provide you with the reference number and try my best to get your problem resolved by the evening.
Rest assured Mr. X/Ms. Y, we are there for you and everything is now under control.

How amazing do you feel when you hear such beautiful combination of words from a call center agent? Without bashing or shouting on any call center agent you are able to get your problem resolved or at least able to get it processed for getting it fixed.

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5 Key Advantages of Universal Queue in Call Center

Omniqueue or universal queue is an ever widening concept in the contact center space. With the increase in customers expectations organizations have increased the channels of interaction but at times it becomes difficult for agents to switch between different interfaces for handling multiple channels.

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Top Call Center Performance Trends you need to know in 2017

Keeping customers at the heart of your core business strategy should be the goal of organizations aiming towards providing an extraordinary experience to their customers. In order to offer superior customer service, organizations have been measuring their call center performance based on different parameters or on some key metrics that are essential for sustaining in this competitive environment.

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Will Robots be the God of Customer Service in the years to come?

Waiting in queue for long time or getting immediate assistance online.
Which one is a convenient option for you being a loyal customer to a brand.
Obviously, immediate response to query is what customers of new generation seek for. If we talk about quick resolution, there arrives the need for superior and extraordinary service. But, with the advancement in market place more focus is being paid to the intelligence and science behind smart technologies.

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