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Silky Sinha

Silky Sinha

Assistant Manager-Marketing- Texo.cc. Silky is a marketing professional in the contact center solutions industry. She writes about latest industry technologies and how it benefits organizations from small scale to global enterprises.

Recent Posts by Silky Sinha

9 Deadly Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service and What to Say Instead [Infographic]

In order to provide great customer experience, it’s critical to know just what to say to customers and the best way to say it. Customer service reps often say things or use phrases that make the customers angry and annoyed. Most of the employees probably never even realize that they didn’t treat the customers well and have offended them.  Sometimes they make certain statements out of ignorance and not say things deliberately. And the worst part is that most customers are not going to tell you that were offended by what was said to them. They will just be displeased and might not come back again.

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5 Common Omnichannel Customer Service Mistakes that you Must Avoid

Customers do not distinguish between channels while reaching out to a company. They simply want to find the solution to their issues and answers to their questions no matter which channel they choose to engage with you. Be it mobile, voice, text message, chat or social media, customers expect to have a flawless experience. They might start a conversation on one and continue on another and do not wish to repeat the information already provided, thus blurring the lines between channels.

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The Startup Handbook to Effective Customer Service and Sales [Free Ebook]

The culture of founding new companies has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Undoubtedly, startups have changed the face of business and technology globally. We have witnessed many startups hitting it big and making their presence felt on a global level. However, at the same time, countless startups have not been able to survive and fail within no time.

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The Six Laws of Customer Experience [Infographic]

It is critical for every customer-driven organization to focus on customer experience to stay ahead in the competition. The six laws of customer experience are fabricated to empower highly effective customer service efforts. These will help a company to take smarter and intelligent decisions on how to treat its customers and how to drive sustainable improvements. In order to improve customer experience, organizations must understand and comply with these underlying realities.

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7 Ways to Build a Customer-Friendly Contact Center

Companies build contact centers to take care of their customers- to retain the customers they have and acquire new customers to grow their company. Undoubtedly, customer service is the king in a contact center which helps a company achieve the desired bottom line and profit margin. When customers calls are left on hold, kept in a call queue for long, transferred to multiple agents and propelled to provide the basic information again and again, your organization is not only wastes their valuable time but also risks driving apart key customers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center [Free Ebook]

To cater to the demands of today’s informed and tech-savvy customers, it’s crucial for companies to offer a world-class customer service at all touch points. As customer expectations have risen manifold, brands must focus on creating differentiated customer experience to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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8 Top Customer Experience Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

Undoubtedly, delivering superior customer experience has become vital to growing sales and revenues of a company and this year (2016) has brought more challenges due to increase in customer expectations. Price or features of the product are no longer the critical factors that drive customers engagement. So, it’s time for you to recreate your winning strategy to lure customers and retain them.

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7 Steps to Launch a Rewarding Social Media Customer Service Program

Providing impeccable customer service is critical to running a successful business and attracting and retaining loyal customers. Brands which take care of their customers fare much better than those who leave their customers hanging.

With the advent of smartphones and the ever increasing craze of social media among customers, companies of all sizes are expanding their customer support realm by being readily available on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Today, any business that wants to deliver top-notch customer support has to be extremely active on the popular social media platforms.

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The Real Cost of Contact Center Agent Turnover

It is true that the average turnover rate in call centers is higher as compared to other industries, given the nature of the work. If you are a contact center manager, you must be dealing with this serious issue. You spend your precious time in recruiting and training an agent and just about the time when he is starting to show skills and knowledge, he quits. Then you begin the process of hiring and training all over again to fill the gap which undoubtedly is a costly and time-consuming affair.

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