I am more of literary person, I like spinning words more than writing codes. So, I am your friendly neighbourhood “Javaman”. Just like superheroes, my race also has a unique identity for the common man, I am a Java programmer. What the mango people donâ€t know is that I come from the planet “Javanoid” and there a lot many of us hiding in plain view like the “autobots”.
We mostly live in one room or shared apartments and eat last night leftovers for breakfast. We make very good colleagues with the race of “Cubicle Wallahs” who come from neighbouring planet “Cubanoid”. Our natural habitat on maturing shifts from the computer lab in high schools to one chair cubicles in Tech Startups. We have cool super powers too, ranging from building super strength data structures to coding all sparking algorithms.
We have found much use of our unique skills in this world that humans call earth. More than 9 million of us are here now, powering laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet.
Like any old race our ancestors believed in the assembly language (16, 24 and 32-bit, big endian) and others.The times changed and in the “Age of Objects” like other beliefs we were also split into being Javamen and “DOT-Netians”. More like foster brothers, our races survived often conflicting and sometimes converging to lead this world further into technology.
But no one is a born Javaman you need to prove yourself in the Java arena and show skills of mastering the thought that is JAVA, it is comparative to an earthlings attaining Nirvana. You are a Javaman, as soon as earthlings call you professional Java programmer .
“Moral of the story”: If you have never worked as a Java programmer and are studying for Certification, spend time coding useful programs instead and make them available freely for your prospective employers to see. If you already are a paid Java programmer, you probably don’t have a need for Certification. Hence making your entire exercise of studying for the certification a waste like this blog.

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