Making Supervisor’s Life Easy with Call Center Monitoring

How do your agents perform? Are you stuck with manually analyzing the agent’s performance? Supervisors in a call center are the building pillars and they cannot escape the strict deadlines. A supervisor’s job does not end with monitoring agent’s efficiency, it only starts with it. Staying on top of call center software technology while delivering to customer’s expectations, focusing on agent’s engagement, assigning calls to the right agents, they have a never-ending list of goals accountability.
Great endurance and grace might work to keep agents encouraged and motivated but supervisors need right call center monitoring tools to overcome the challenges they face today.

Call Center Monitoring Challenges

  1. Accuracy of Agent’s Productivity: Supervisors find it hard to analyze the agent’s productivity, their availability in the queue, average call handling time, and resource management when they have to manually monitor each agent.
  2. Managing Call Quality: One supervisor, multiple agents. Supervisors fail to monitor the call quality of each agent and delivering to the needs of customers. Customer feedback is captured during a call, to which supervisors have no access, thus they lose on that data.
  3. Campaign Management: Supervisors take a lot of time to assess the performance of each campaign and distributing calls to the agents in peak hours. They have no control over moving agents from one queue to another queue, thus, affecting the customer experience for customers waiting in the queue.

Call Center Monitoring Tools Help Supervisors Overcome These Challenges

Bird’s Eye View

Get a holistic view of all call center operations on your mobile with Ameyo’s Bird’s Eye View App. Supervisors do not have to log in to their systems to analyze the performance of multiple campaigns. They can easily be notified about SLA breach, call abandoned ratio, and agents’ availability in the queue with a push notification. Supervisors will be happy to know that they can configure the parameters they want to be shown on their screen.
Now, Ron is notified before any SLA breach and he efficiently manages to deliver to customers’ expectations with his agents using the Bird’s Eye View App.

Call Center Quality Monitoring

Supervisors are given control of checking the hang-up details. They can analyze if the call was hung up by agents, customers, or because of the system failure. Supervisors are provided with easy access to recorded calls in Voice Logger and they can analyze the call quality to monitor the agent’s performance anytime.
While training agents in the new batch, Ron can filter the recorded calls and set a parameter for call quality.

Get Insight into Customised Reports

Good news for supervisors, now they can access the customized reports and plan their strategies accordingly. It’s as easy as customizing your pizza toppings, you can get a periodic report with a report scheduler and analyze the performance of different campaigns.
These reports also give them insight into the success rate and easily allow them to manage the resource allocation and setting the pacing ratio resulting in reaching a large customer base.
This helps Ron align his workforce in accordance with the peaks and troughs of call volume.

Quick Check on Real-Time Activities

Let the supervisors snoop, barge, and whisper on a live call without hampering customer experience. They can whisper in to add insights to the customer’s journey when the agent is stuck, this reduces the number of call transfers and increases productivity on a higher level.
Ron feels relaxed when he sees the customer satisfaction score because they can resolve customer queries in one go by better assisting his agents with call whisper functionality.
The challenges are endless when you work in the customer service department and you need to keep a check on the shared goals of the organization. Supervisors can leverage their resources while analyzing call patterns, managing call volume, and allocate idle agents into more productive tasks. A relief to supervisors that we have call center monitoring tools that would enhance their productivity thus adding to customer satisfaction rate.

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