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Must-have features in Call Center Phone Systems


The world is moving towards technology in gyres and call center phone systems are hard-pressed to adopt the new features to meet the standards beyond dialing and calling in traditional ways.
There’s no denial of the fact that it takes months to find a customer and minutes to lose one. And when customers are expecting instant gratification, it becomes difficult for businesses to deliver an outperforming experience in time. Building a great customer experience does not happen overnight, it happens with a design. To become a choicest brand and earn customer’s advocacy, you need to start with defining customer needs and understand their challenges.
Running a call center could be tedious if you’re operating most of your tasks manually. To deal with large volumes of calls, you need a call center phone system that has the ability to use your data effectively and help you automate most of your call center operations.

How do we achieve that?

Now that you’ve understood the customers’ challenges, you need the right customer support system in place to overcome these challenges and increase your ROI exponentially. Here’s the list of features that you cannot miss on:

Omnichannel Customer Support

So, your customers are proactively using social media for their daily communication and they expect businesses to be available on the channels that they use to communicate with their friends and family. A good call center phone system should support omnichannel communication and ensure synchronization among these channels to preserve the context of the conversation across the interaction history. With preserved context, the customers won’t have to repeat themselves and they could interact with the agents with ease.

Unified Agent Desktop

Are your phone support agents empowered with the right tools to effectively manage the incoming call? With multiple channels involved, the agent needs to have a complete picture of the customer’s interaction history in a unified agent desktop. With complete history, agents can understand the customer’s challenges better and offer a better and personalized service.

Comprehensive Ticketing System

When your customers are given the flexibility to create or raise support tickets and a ticket is routed to the best-suited agent with the ticket management system, it provides an ease to both your agents and customers. With omnichannel support, tickets can be created through multiple channels like chat, email, social media and your agents can get a holistic view of these tickets in their interface. This helps them resolve most of the queries faster, thus increasing the CSAT score.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

How your customer is feeling today? Your customers are expecting you to understand their sentiments when they are interacting with your brand. Sentiment analysis facilitates businesses to know their customers and identify their emotions better than before. This helps agents understand customer’s state and prioritize tickets to meet customers’ expectations.

Internal Chat Optimization

Yes, agents can use this feature to best of results and deliver a faster query resolution with minimum turn around time with an internal chat option.
For instance, when your agent is stuck with a query, she/he can initiate an internal chat with other agents or the supervisor to get the query resolved quickly. This assistance from subject matter experts can prove out to be very helpful when the customer is looking for an answer in urgency and you can avoid any escalation.

Self-Service Portal

Customers are seeking the information at their convenience and they like to be least dependent on any of the agents for most of the routine queries. With a self-service portal, you can give control to your customers and reduce the workload of your agents by letting the customers find their own answers.
For instance, when a customer wants to check the delivery status of a product, she/he can track it on the self-service portal without having to depend on an agent.

Concluding Thoughts

Call centers are not limited to traditional features and it becomes imperative for businesses to adopt a technology that multiplies the efficiency manifolds. With real-time insights into your business, you can incorporate a phone system that allows you to solve customers’ challenges and deliver a smooth customer experience.

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